Post-holiday syndrome

Back from Hong Kong and I can feel the damage done to my abs. All those carbs (think toast, springy noodles, fried noodles drenched in sauce and the list goes on), desserts and… Continue reading

No easy way to this

I would like to think that I’m getting more trimmed and toned. Building on that lean muscles and cutting away those fats. Hope to get stronger, little by little.


It’s been quite some time since I first started Insanity and honestly, it can get quite boring doing the same workout over and over again. So I was damn pleased to find out… Continue reading

If you want it, then work bloody hard for it.

MY RESULTS AFTER COMPLETING INSANITY BY SHUAN T. Day Started: Somewhere in Feb 2013. Day of Completion: Somewhere in June 2013. Duration I took the whole while: Approximately 3 months. Gave myself breaks… Continue reading

seated in the purple chair

There’s nothing really great nor fantastic about it. But at the same time, there’s nothing much for me to complain about. Don’t know where and how is this going to turn out. I… Continue reading

I wonder how, I wonder why

As I lay on my bed, surrounded by darkness of the room, I wonder how my life will pan out to be. Will it be fulfilling, will I be happy, will I have… Continue reading

One day

And I wonder will we ever run out of topics to talk about. Will we sit across each other with no desire to interact or motivation to learn more about each other. I… Continue reading

voices in my head

sometimes I think it’s better if I’m on my own.

Protected: Blue

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There you are.

Every so often, we will meet someone whom we will take a second glance, a third and a fourth. We will start to talk and you will realized this person is not only… Continue reading