22nd Dec

wee! today is e day. i can pass my xingxing kuku zhuo de pressie to my baby! n i can struck off 2 things frm my wishlist le. hahahaha. πŸ™‚ a surprise n a nice bday for him~ cos he is really surprised n we had such a fun-filled day. hw i wish everyday is either me or ur birthday! den we can get pressies n spend such a nice day eating good food!

n speaking of food. oh gosh. we ate so much SINFUL stuff! well will tell u all ltr.. nw let me just recap on tt day.

e previous night i cant slp leh. WAHAHAH. cos too eggcited liao. like siao la oso nt my bday but oh well~ its MY BABY’S bday! so tt reason is enuff for me to get too eggcited. muahhahah. hmmm. morning woke up n faster prepare n off i go!

was carrying e super heavy foto album with 1 hand only. cos i need to flag e taxi. n so angry leh! i stood there 1st but a auntie came n she took away my taxi la! *RARRR* nvm.. c she carry so much stuff i shall just forgive her. HNGH.

i love sitting taxis la. so comfy. πŸ™‚ reached his place n tt smelly boi haven brushed his teeth! cos he just woke up only. hahahaha. den i passed him his pressie n well.. its all worth it la my hardwork. the look on his face.. e eagerness.. so carefully tearing the paper away.. priceless. :)))


cute right? ofcos la. my boyfriend leh!! HAHAHAHA. xP

after booking of tix n stuff.. we head off to VIVO CITY! n e 1st place we went to when we reached there is CANDY EMPIRE. wahahaha. we bought a marshmallow coated w chocolate.. malteasers.. n another choc stuff. sinful not? -_-” din manage to snap any pic. cos it were all in our tummy after e day. hehs. xD

den we jalan jalan n we saw santa claus! wana take a pic w him leh.. but so many ppl crowding ard him la! my god. so forget it. hehs. den its time to go n watched our movie! hmmm. e screen is not that wide la~ we watched Curse of the Golden Flower. n baby so nice! accomodate me buy nachos combo! OH MAN. nachos nachos. so nice. n i literally licked up all e cheese. hehs. SINFUL~ ok.. e show. hmm.. gong li n chow yun fat’s acting were great. jay chou beside them like suppper lan can. he like oreadi lousy enuff den still put him beside 2 gd actors. hahahaha.

e show is very.. pessimistic leh. though on e whole this movie is really good la. like e plot n stuff. n e actors. but nah. nt really my cup of tea. cos too sad liao. ppl die here n there. den ppl plotting against each other. brothers killing each other becos of the throne place u noe. den betraying. WAH BIANG. damn dark leh this movie. but i will still give it 4 over 5 stars!

yar. i keep wondering. where they find ALL the maids with such big assests can. n i assure u. its really big. tsk. keep asking joey to close his eyes. wahahhahaha.

after tt.. we went to e outside there n took some pics..

hahahha. we tried to take this pic for so long la! cos u noe y? cos joey is e camera man! i was so pekcek den i took over n ta-da~ 1 shot is all i need. hehs. n he say cos my hand short therefore e distance to estimate shorter therefore blahblahblah. hehs. xP baby~ gen wo hao hao xue xi k? mwaks.

i spot this float n i demanded him to pose with it. but see! his face! super bu gan yuan can. k la~ i noe u shy boiboi la. hahahahah.

see the difference? e glee on my face cos im damn happy my big fat butt can fit into tt hole. hahahahah. so im not that fat afterall. πŸ™‚

e wind is super strong. tts y my messy hair. hehs.

well still gt lots more la. but lazy to upload. hehs. ok then~ we went to IMM to have Fish n Co since he is gg to send me hm anyway.. n so we sit 188.. wah super long journey. n we both fell asleep while holding our hands.. awww. simply simply love e feeling la baby.

Fish n Co baby! πŸ™‚ tt like err.. to dian the plate one.

ta-da. seafood platter. yar i ate quite for some time till i rmb to take pic. hw can i not take n tempt u guys? hehs. EVAIL! haha before joey ordered he keep telling me..

“u can eat alot not u.. must eat alot leh. e serving v big leh..”

i was thinking.. like hw big can it gets. so i say..

“ok.. i v hungry.. can de..”

n when it comes. MY GOD. shi duo de lor~ hahahaha. like a pile of rice a pile of sotong a pile of fries 10 prawns 3 fish patties n like.. dunoe hw many mussels.

n speaking of mussels. BLOODY HELL NICE LA! e sauce~ goes so well with it! *sluRps* its finger licking good ok! e sauce is heaven~

as usual.. i ate some oreadi den i rmb to take pic. wahaha. xD

the sauce is so gd. i dip it with anything. prawn la sotong la. can dip jiu dip! hahahaha.

our dessert! hot fudge with ice cream. very nice too! e ice cream not bad leh. not those el cheapo magnolia kind one. hahaahah. n baby can tie e cherry stalk w his tongue! i untied it n asked him to tie it agn. n he do it like within 30secs. WOOTS.

last but not least.


Happy Birthday Baby! hees. hope you had a great day. i did. πŸ™‚ i love you so so much. muacks.