15th March

our 13 monthy! 🙂 we went to do something new and exciting! ok la not new for me but definitely new for my baby! we went to…



now now. u ppl dun go off wondering wads e big deal bout it cos it IS a big deal for my baby ok! he gt this microphone phobia which he told me on tt very day. n i 连哄带骗才 manage to let him stepped into kbox ok! *gleams*n he tried to snake his way out by telling me gt sore throat la all those old tactics ya noe. LOL. cute ah u baby.

we initially wanted to go for KLUNCH. but. my dearest sister wore my shoes on tt day which totally spoil my mood ya noe. thus i forget to wear my ring. my precious ring! i was already downstairs when he realised tt im nt wearing it. so we went back agn. till then i was still quite pissed.

i dunoe why. but i get pissed when things lidat happen. u noe. like ur gg out e next day. so u mentally prepare e clothes n shoes tt u wana wear. ur satisfied with e outfit n u give urself a pat for doing such a gd job. but when it comes to that day.. shitty things happens. like for my case. my sis wore it to sch. i get pissed. damn pissed bout it. i will sulk n pout like a child till i deem fit. dun try to console me man. i will just get more infuriated. hahahah. ANYWAY OUTTA POINT.

yar. so by e time we reached was ard 11half. n they say that there r no more KLUNCH due to some reason which i forgot instead there is KHAPPY to 3. so ok lor. oreadi there den say no meh. say no then do wad. LOL.

n we r brought to this super small rm with a cock up system. it HANGED ON US la! i so damn pekcek with my shoes n ring oreadi n this happens. wah lao eh. den i anyhw press here press there to restart it. n viola. it worked! HAHAHA.

n i started first. baby is soooo scared la! i asked him how nervous is he. n he told me this is worse than taking his A levels paper! WAH LAO EH! tts super jialat can. so being a gd gerfren.. i keep holding his hand n sayang him n keep tell him..

” no scared no scared.. ”

hahaha damn broken english. but whatever!

but i dun c e reason why he is so nervous u noe. cos he actually has quite a good voice. its very soothing. just tt his voice is quite tensed up. other that tt i tink he is perfectly fine. REALLY. not bcos he’s my boifren but he sing quite well for a first timer ya noe. 🙂

ok dokes! PICS!

haha CAO GE!!

drinks n stuff.

1 of e some self shots i took.

cute? hees.

pls do not try this at hm.

a fraction of e fotos we took at kbox. 😀 oh i think in some e pictures my boy looks so yummylicious. heehee. 😛

we sang quite a number of oldies. like some of e carpenters songs.. close to u.. top of e world. oh ya. cant take my eyes off u~ hurhur. WOOHOO. n he sang this weird song. bout a itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. LOL. well well~ 喜欢就好!

n we had our lunch at Zingdo/Zngdo/Zengdo. wadever. cant rmb e name. ita a korean restaurant at JEC. u cant missed it. its e only shop there with orange as e only colour. orange walls. tables. chairs. yar u get it. n its was at affordable prices too. with e student meal n stuff. n i ordered this deep fried mushrm. its was ok. but i tink e frying part covers e mushroom taste which was quite disappointing. cos im a HUGE HUGE fan of mushrooms. 😦

ok pics!

nt sure whether e food they served is really authentic korean cuisine u noe. but hey it taste gd enuff for me! 🙂 tts beef myon in kimchi soup. n mine is e chicken hotplate. YUMMMMY~ e kimchi soup taste gd too!

ok! n so we proceed off to CWP for our movie. 300! my first M18 show. LOL. so kuku. n they checked my student pass not once.. but TWICE OK! wah lao eh. i gt so baby face meh. T_T


300. its such a wonderful movie. earning my two thumbs up. though initially i was totally grossed out by tt hideous man trying to kiss/lick/wadever e beautiful oracle girl n tt chopping head kinda thing. i quite get used to it after a while.

I like e Oracle girl scene because i like how e director film it sooo tastefully. Her fine (when i say fine its fine ok. i think e cam they use is like superman high definition or something) red hair in contrast to her fair skin. e way tt piece of cloth moved in e air n hw it crease n slid up n dwn her arm. its always those tiny details tt matter isnt it. 🙂

beautiful aint it?

n i simply simply love the war scenes. i like how e narrator tells e story. like..

“the people in the back were shouting ‘FORWARD!’ n the front were shouting ‘BACK!’ ”


” We put their names (Immortals, Xerxes’ elite fighting force) to the test ”


For me, e reason of why 300 is such a nice movie is bcos they r 300 against a million. n tts wad attract me to it initially. i noe nuts bout it. i din noe it was inspired frm a comic by Frank Miller till tt very day. I just wana see how.. just how can 300 men fight against a million. You get wad i mean? The Persians soldiers can make the Earth shake n tremble when they r charging towards the Spartans and their arrows can cover up the sun. Just imagine!

The war scenes, simply put. Fantastic.

Aiyoh words cant describe it man. you just have to see it for yourself! 🙂 Totally worth the ticket price.

King Leonidas with his 300 “bodyguards” out for a stroll to the Hot Gates.

The King himself! starring Gerard Butler.

the remains of the villagers. yea the Persians soldiers shaped all the corpses into a tree. sick.

The Spartans pushing e persians down the cliff because they are thirsty. 😀 lol

Stelios. The Persians r throwing some bombs kinda thing. cos Xerxes’ elite force CANNOT MAKE IT LA.

At War.

Photo Source: Yahoo


Now thats a long entry. *smirks* heehee