yeah man!

i saw elvin ng at IMM while working today n i was superrrr high n started laughing n talking super loudly which results in jiaxian’s

“can ur talk softly nt!” hahahaha i tink he is pek cek with us for laughing/talking too loudly cos gt customers there. SORRY! 😀

o.O” oh wells~ hahahaha. ask jasmine man. im super high for like e nxt 15mins. LOL. he is very cute! n handsome! i likeeee~

ok dokes. work.

well. due to e shortage of balloon, we r nw giving out brochures. n man. i hate brochures. n some ppl ah seriously feel like slapping their face. dowan dowan la! give chao bin for wad! tmd. like i owe you one leh. kns.

but i love how e kids will smile n grin at me when they get their balloon. damnnnnnnnnn cute la. n AWWWWW. we all should learn from e kids. dont expect too much la cos its owas e little things tt count. 🙂

tml! last day! AZA AZA FIGHTING! 🙂