Random Thoughts

sch had started but im still in the holiday mood n i wonder why. hmmm. maybe its bcos of the timetable? where teusday n thursday r off for us? n fri is only a 2 hr tutorial lessons? hahahaha. maybe la ah. i dunoe. 😛

damn. i having superrr tight muscles at my calf there. cos uh. i erm. skipped rope n i thought skipping is a form of warming up excercise. so i din bother to do any. n yar lor. *whistles* hahaha.


The massacre at virginia tech is such a horrible horrible thing. i’ve been following the news through MSN’s videos and other reports and man. i dunoe y but im getting so emotional bout it. there is this new report, where the profile victims and their pictures are posted. and im just feeling so much for them.

他们在拜一之前还是活生生的人。他们有梦想,有家人, 有朋友。
他们是那么的聪明。有的是美国首五位的biomechanics researcher。
有些还让白发人送黑发人。 你能想像他们的痛苦吗?
而宁外一位呢。你们读着一小个短文吧。他的名字是,Liviu Librescu。

Librescu’s son, Joe, said his father’s students sent e-mails detailing how the professor saved their lives by blocking the doorway of his classroom from the approaching gunman before he was fatally shot.

“My father blocked the doorway with his body and asked the students to flee,” Joe Librescu said from his home outside of Tel Aviv. “Students started opening windows and jumping out.”


all i can say is my deepest condolences to the victims’ family. i dunoe dem and dey dunoe me. but yar. 😦 emo emo me. URGHHH.