Burn baby burn!

ytd i did the unthinkable!

i hit the gym with baby!

wahahaha. 19 years old and its the first time i stepped into a gym. -_-” well cant blame me since last time im anti-sports anti- anything that requires me to move too much. 😀 was quite fun cos baby was with me mah. he was teaching me how to use those machines and stuff. n i get high when i c the calories that i have burnt was increasing. woohoo~ 🙂

n guys in the gym get quite narcissistic. they were all staring at their muscles while they r doing their dumbells. TSK! still say women are narcissistic! 😛

anyway the toilet was damn empty so i was like sprawled across e seat sms-ing jeanette. hahaha i cant bathe cos i forget to bring my shampoo! stupid me. so i have to wait for him to bathe finish first. n i took my own sweet time and by the time i stepped out. it was going to rain. -_-” n baby was super bored while waiting for me i think. hoho.

nice nice. shall go gym again nxt week! 🙂


im going to teach tuition starting from tml! Mervyn, primary 1 kid. Joey’s cousin. hahaha e name mervyn give me this impression that he is a very cheeky kid. yeahies i love cheeky kids. HAHAHA. just pray i wun play tgt with him when im supposed to teach him!


Did anybody of you watch Martha Stewart’s show- MARTHA?

she got this super duper cute dog and i totally fell in love with it the first time i saw him/her. LOL. n i was talking with yiming on MSN n he found out for me that that breed is called

chow chow.

wahahahaha wad a cute name la!

hello u lil ball of fur.

2 lil chow chows! hahaha.

white chow chow!

fav pic! cant see the eyes! wahahaha.

arent they e cutest dogs ever! AWWWW. i was telling baby if nxt time we live in estate then we shall buy a chow chow. cos they actually grow up to quite a big size. yea. if they live in hdb i think they will be too cramp man.

n i was telling him

“nxt time our kids can use chow chow as a horse n ride on it” hahahahaha.