We brush not brushes!

bloody hell.

i was tutoring my pri 1 and for those who are close with me, you should know that my grammar is C.M.I one. and i was actually feeling very jittery when e auntie told me that i must teach him verbs nouns and whats not.

and today there is this worksheet that requires me to teach him grammar.

actually i was doing fine one lor.

but there comes this question masked in innocent simple looking words.

We _____ our teeth every morning. (brush)

brush is the keyword given.

So i told him We refers to 2 or more people so the answer should be brush.

correct what the first answer! then i start to think.

“WE is a term to use for a group of people. A GROUP is a singular thing. So it should be brushes!”

yar right. n i told him to edit the answer la! DAMN.

anyway after e tuition, tt qn was at e back of my mind so i tried calling my sis for verification but her line was engaged! *panic attack* then i called jeanette and she was totally mortified when she knew what had happened. totally ok. she faster told me how it should be done and we were laughing out heads off. dun ask me why. we just find everything hilarious one la.

n so i have to pluck up my courage, went back to the house and correct the mistakes! OMG. i think mervene is quite confused that poor kid. better explain to him again on saturday.

ps: you may wonder y i blogged such malu stuff bout myself. LOL. actually im wondering bout tt too. damn.


today i went to the gym alone ok! haha so proud of myself. πŸ™‚ im hooked to gym now. gymniac! hoho.


When im wearing my ring, it constantly reminds me that i’ve got a boyfriend. Not that i need reminders or what la! Just that, sometimes when i’m waiting for bus or doing some super boring stuff i will tend to play with my ring and wipe it or touch it.

And a warm glow will just spread within me. πŸ™‚

Cos i know there’s always this special someone that will be there for me no matter what.

Sometimes we quarrel over stupid stuff. like real stupid seriously. But at the end of the day, it’s still him that i wanna kiss and shower him with all my love for eternity. It’s still my baby’s shoulder that i wana lie when im feeling tired and it’s still his hand that i wanna hold during long bus journeys.

It’s still him and it will always be him.

Though sometimes i just feel like ignoring him for e rest of my life when we quarrel but my mind will just starts wandering to him. ok. my eyes too. they will start moving towards him in a very nonchalant-i-dont-care manner. wahahaha. so i guess, i really cant live without him.

He is not the romantic kind; he wont surprise you now and then with bouquets of flowers or whats not. But he will always let me feel his love for me through his own manner. He is the kind that will shelter you from the rain, wait 3hrs for you without much complains, let you walk inside of the road, cheers you up when ur feeling down and he will continue doing that even though you told him its so stupid cos he knows that actually ur loving it and ur beginning to feel better. He will do all that willingly cos he loves you.

And erhem. that you is me so basically he’s mine.

I love you.

Since young, i’ve always dreamed that i will find a prince charming that i can call my own. We will fall madly deeply in love and we will live happily ever after. Thanks for making that little fairy tale of mine come true. πŸ™‚

Many loves!



i starts out only intending to type bout that malu thing. but words just flow. so.. ok~ lolx. tts all for nw! TA~