Early Childhood Education

was MSN-ing with my pri sch fren and she got into TP’s vetinary course. good for her cos since pri sch she is like one major fan of animals. den she started asking me like wad course am i in n stuff lidat. n when i told her its ECH, her response was.. fairly unexpected.

Beatrice says:
not easy not easy

Beatrice says:
some can be spolit

Beatrice says:
their parents could be worse

Beatrice says:
but its a very noble profession

Beatrice says:

Beatrice says:
not easy, but rewarding

tell u lor. ppl who works in ECH really appreciate e compliments ppl gave us. (my heart certainly is warmed by those words by my friend.) at least they recognized our hard work and our effort being put into it. i really hate ppl who claims that taking care of chn r bloody hell easy and that ECH, this course, is super simple cos all we learn is to change a diaper and to feed a child.


they dont know a single thing bout multiple intelligences and how it can affect chn’s learning. they dunoe a thing about a conducive environment(delineation and whats not) and they certainly dont know about Jean Piaget and Vygotsky. hngh.

i’ve gt friends who mentioned it to me before that ECH is super hell easy. seriously. when they’ve gt kids on their own. they will have to rely on us. because we are the professionals! we know what is right and what is wrong. and they will have no choice but to bow their heads to us and admit that their conception in the past is sooo wrong and oso, they have to recognize that our job is one of the most noble job in the whole wide world.