so so dead

yipee doo. i have 3 bibliography waiting for me and i haven even start any of it yet. e truth is. i dunoe where n how to start la damn it! think im gg to ask jeanette to extend e deadline for me till friday or something.

i sort of have an idea on how to write, jotting it dwn in point forms n stuff. but when i start typing. wham. “writer’s block” or wadever u call it since im not exactly a writer.

n ltr on i must go to JE lib to check for e bloody dates for e articles im using! it better be there man if nt i will be lost on wad im gg to do! cos i cant check e dates on e website. which is just, great la. and after the library trip i have to go to JP again to collect my pants becos some idiot at dunoe which double index outlet transfer e wrong pants to e jp outlet! purrfect.

urgh. damn it damn it. i really really wana finish at least 1 biblio by e end of dis week! 😦

p/s: i have tons of pics but considering how busy i am right now. be lucky if its up by next sunday!