who says sunblock work?! pics up!


i can tell u sunblock soooo do not work ok!

see a very good example here! wah lao damn sad la. ok dis happen quite long ago like 2 wks or a wk ago? yea went swimming in e afternoon n this happens to me! nw my body look like kueh lapis or something la! boo.

stay tune for more pictures ok! pictures from me n jas’s DOUBLE DATING n random pics! 🙂 be back tonight! watch out for e space below!


double dating


me n baby

jas n mark


  • VIVO city
  • activities:

  • watch pirates 3! (its nt as nice as i tout it will be)
  • shopping!(so disappointing! so lil sales la dun feel like GSS)
  • coffeebean!
  • cam-whoring!
  • dinner w baby (jas n mark went off earlier cos mark wana study!
  • all in all:

  • NICE! 🙂
  • photos:

    me n jas! we look so dark la. -_-”

    hahaha jasmine. unglam la~

    studious mark!

    retard no.1

    n retard no.2 🙂

    handsome baby ^-^

    showing pics to baby

    caught unaware. awww i like dis pic! 🙂

    last pic of e day..

    so cute right my baby! HEE. xD


    pictures from long time ago

    ta-da! trying out e once-new goggles bought by baby on the bus! hahahaha. crazy~

    my mp3! New creative zenstone! 小白! hahaha 😀

    its so tiny~

    haha told ya! 🙂


    its only a week of attachment, n i noe im soooo not cut out for to be a childcare teacher. yes i love kids. but being a c.c tcher? thanks, but no thanks.

    i’ve gt my webbing, thematic web, 6 integrated lesson plans and tink of 5 activities for my learning corner!! n tts ALOT la!

    plus i still got my sukuna CIR proj n DAC proj! OMG! can i just die pls! actually i wont la.. cos i cant wait for next wed! hees!