dont fucking force me to do something that i fucking dont want to

im feeling fucking irritated n fucking pissed right now.

im feeling so fucking tired. my legs r killing me n yet i still have to go n work at some stupid lounge bar. WHAT THE FUCK. seriously im feeling super fucked up now so now every sentence will have the fuck word and i dont fucking care!!

its not my fault im feeling this way!

n i have TONS N TONS of assignments. aiyah. fuck la.

hahahahahaha! problem solved! my sis go n find her fren to take my place! yeah i can smile now! 😀


date with baby was cancelled. :/ so i went to e gym alone today and work out alone. working out alone is owas more efficient since i have no one to talk to except listening to my 小白. so yea. i finished my work out routine earleir than i expected.

went to meet with yiming.

oh boy we talked lotsss n lotsss of crap man. that small guy sometimes just cracks me up. and! yiming 把他的第一次献给了我! hahahahahah. no la not in that way. but yea he help me pick off e shell frm e prawns. 🙂 hahahahaha. kana forced ofcos. aiyah he go out w me cfm is kana bullied one. no qns. LOL. i din noe tt was ur 1st time la! no wonder ur taking such a long time to get it peeled! hahahaha. =X but i appreciate ur effort ok 好姐妹! 🙂 n he was lamenting that his first is given to me, a normal friend, and not someone significant. think he is feeling pretty cheated. LOL.

we stay dwn there for quite some time and after walking ard IMM, he accompany me to take 333 home. LOL. ok la i tink he is oso kana forced by me oso. lalalala.

n no! i din get to drink my iced mocha today. cos WM really no gd food to eat la so i opt for IMM. hees. anyway yiming. nxt time can i share seafood platter for 2 with u? then i can have ALLLLL the mussels! wahahaha.