just got back from the clinic.

just wana say something irrelevant here. the doc is soooo charming la. he speaks in such a gentle manner and he oozes charm ok. izzy.. much more than ur P.koh! HAHAHA.

yar. i lost my voice. due to dunoe wad. i think is mango. 😦 throat is swollen and red and haha.. i’ve been running a fever for e whole day la! n yet i still dunoe bout it! -_-” kaiwen ah kaiwen.. wad r u doing.. no wonder im feeling so tired and miserable for e whole day.

my chn r so curious y i’ve gt no voice! keep asking me la..

“tcher kaiwen.. y u got sore throat?”

“tcher kaiwen.. y u no voice?”

n it keeps repeating u noe e qns! wah i gt no voice to explain to them la. LOL

asked doc to gimme the extra strong antibiotics as i want to get my voice back before wed. im having assessment on tt day! aza aza fighting!

am feeling so weak n tired nw. but my lesson plan is still waiting for me. 😦 i need a shoulder and strong hands to hold me la. like.. collin? haha miss that boy so badly today.