those lil hugs

sometimes when im feeling very jaded from all those rushing of learning corner activities; stressing of assessments; feeling fcked up bout e results; nervous bout my lesson plans…

those little hugs from the children in my centre really just makes my day. πŸ™‚

the way how those lil stuff from chn warms me inside out just lift my spirits up and make me forget bout all the stressful events for that moment. those smiles on their lil faces.. awww. *melts*

today mr collin teo is being such a sweet boy again! hahaha he owas nv fails to make my day at the childcare an enjoyable one. the way he will praise me. he praise me ok! he will go..

“wah tcher kaiwen.. u so lihai leh. know hw to make so many things”


“tcher kaiwen.. u colour SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE LEH”


“tcher kaiwen i like you leh. i want you to sit here leh(the seat beside him).. sit with me”

hahaha i like to call him mr collin teo cos he talks like a lil adult!! i was laughing my head off cos he ah. gt this habit of tucking his shirt to his underwear and i saw his underwear poking out today.. so i told him to tuck in properly cos i can see his underwear..

he goes

“kan jiu kan la.. nvm one”

HAHAHAHAHHA. then i explain to him its not nice to let other ppl see his underwear and he went all defensive.

“HAO KAN WAD!!” cos he tout im saying his underwear is not nice or something. LOL.

den i must really explain it to him before he agrees to tuck in properly. -_-
and he gave me a hug today! πŸ™‚ my mr.collin teo!

as for e toddlers..

david gave me 2 hugs!! AWWWWWWWWWWW. he is this handsomeeee boy ok! HANDSOME LIKE ANYTHING LAAAA!

n my ludwig~~ he tried to pronounce my name! OUT OF NOWHERE OK!! ok la.. he heard 1 boy calling me that n he copy him la. but i din ask him to do it leh!! but his teacher kaiwen sounds something like..

teedaaa kaaaernn

or something lidat. SO CUTE RIGHT!!!! (*^-^*)

i just simply love them.


monday is my field supervision. i know i can do it. i know i am going to do well. i will pass with flying colours. i’ve got a list of activities lined up for me after monday! first thing to do is to hit the gym! BLOODY HELL. becos of supervision and assessment n learning corners ah.. i’ve nv been to e gym for.. 2 WEEKS ALREADY!!! can c my fats piling up. or isit just my stomach is bloated cos ya.. my menses is coming. hahahhhaa.

anyway outta pt.

finish my learning corners today. all those rules and stuff. charts and colour coding last session with my chn to teach dem hw to play with my activities. YEAP. really proud of my results at e end of the day.

tcher may is correct, with more effort put in, i can c e difference and i can feel for my L.C πŸ™‚

tml im gg to prepare e materials for monday’s lesson! I CAN DO IT!!