teacher kaiwen's beloveeed children

ok i counted n i took around 100++ fotos on my last day of attachment. hohoho. tts quite scary. ANYWAY. i will not b posting up all. i will probably die. i will just post ard one third of it. HEHS. 🙂 ENJOY~

this my LUDWIG! 🙂 hehs he woke up quite early during his nap time n i started snapping away!

julia and collin! they r boyfriend and gerfriend. HAHAHA. they r seriously e cutest couple ever! when collin talks to other gers she will get jealous! ( cannot blame la. collin la.. keep talking to all the girls. TSK ) SO CUTE LA. and they will kiss in class ok. LOL. like awwwww. heard frm e class tcher tt last tym julia went overseas she only bought 1 keychain back. n tts for collin! even e tchers dun haf ok!

from top: collin, junzhe, sophia and skyler. ok junzhe is this boy who is FOREVERRR sleepy. hahah but he is a very cute boy la. i only get to hear him call me twice only i think. yea he hardly talks to e tchers. but to his friends.. another story. LOL.

with the small couple. ok initially i wanted an individual pic with julia. but this boy butt his head in so yea.

green outline because green is one of his fav. colours. 🙂

from left: crystal. zhixuan. ouyang and angela.

after i took this pic im like..

“Why u all nv smile one? MUST SMILE~ okok take again ah!”

then they gave me this. SUPERR CUTE. lol

hahahhaa. tsk. they r born to take fotos la seriously.

crystal and anqi. anqi insisted on holding hands. hur~

ok this is david. devilishly handsome david. seriously HE IS THAT HANDSOME OK.

hahaha ok i think he got quite a scare.

hahhaa yes my dear ludwig~ wads w ur mouth? so cute la~ ^-^

ludwig is good in giving hugs! n i love receiving them! 🙂

n i went ludwig crazy. as you can c frm the 2 collages i made. i got more pics of him ok! heard frm zaza he cut his hair. wonder how he looks like nw! HEE.

hello hello. CAMERA HERE LA! hahahaa.

cute not cute not?! he playing with e sunglass. hehs.

speaking of sunglass. i got another pic of him wearing sunglass. got it frm zaza! SUPER CUTE.

“ehhh! taking my picture ah?!” hahahaha

see ludwig giving hugs agn! 🙂

zaza (toddler tcher) me and yvette. B class girl. hahaha zaza probably gg to kill me if she c this pic on my blog but oh. wadever. hahahaha. 😛

thats angela and eden. haha they r getting ready to practice their dance item. but e kids called it the monster dance cos they said it look like monster. -_-

during their tea time i took some pics as well. but not all chn r in. currently they r having their meals in e classrm bcos one of my kid in the nursery class got HFMD. so no intergration program for a week. hope he is well now!

from left: xinying, chuan hao, cyndric, sanjay and anqi

from left:edison, daryl, yao jie, julia and jia en

from left: zhi xuan, eden, bryan, crystal, angela and ou yang.

my mr collin teo. 🙂 <333

i miss my kids alot. while i was editing the pics im like smiling to myself. hahha. gosh. wonder whether they miss their teacher kaiwen too? hmmm.


im gg to watch the NDP on Aug9 e day itself! COOL~ n u noe wad? its the VIP seats ok! hahah thx to serene! :DD i will take lots of pics on tt day! stay tune~