Updates on my mudane life

is it mundane or mudane. mudane right?

aiyah nvm. haha. ok ard 3 wks ago i bought this spiderman monopoly set at dis stall frm the yuhua market. n its dirt cheap its only 10 bucks but obviously its not the real deal la. the real one costs ard 80 bucks ok!

anyway its quite nicely done i must say though of cos e quality when compared to the real one is not as good but wadever. to me its a super cheap bargain for 10 bucks! hehs.

looks lik e real thing right?!

the board and contents in the box

6 tokens for playing. theres spiderman, sandman, green globlin and the black spidey.

for a ten bucks stuff still come with a very poh-fessional rule book ok! HAHAHAHA.

all set out and ready to play!

folks living near me interested to play not? come over and play with me leh! lao niang itching to have a game! :DD


took this pic while waiting xueli. she’s ordering our iced mocha at bugis’s starbucks!

ytd i went out shopping with xueli! hehs. oh man. n im lateee again! =X so sorry leh girl! i think she wait till grow mould liao lor. our 1st stop is at far east but there was nothing much for us to walk. some of the shops were not even opened yet! and well the prices were kinda steep as well compared to bugis.

but this New Future State is like having some crazy sale la. all items gg at 9 bucks. but no trying. items which were normally 30++ – 60++ all 9 bucks can! n i grab one tube babydoll top. kinda la. n its brightly coloured. looks nice on my chao ta skin. btw im damn chao ta now lor. mum is nagging at me like nobody business. haha good bargain must buy!

so we head over to wisma to get xueli’s watermelon. (she had weird cravings man LOL) and we do our window shopping. ok bloody hell. received a call from my dearest big sister.

ok la jie. i love you n everything but dont give me shit when you r feeling stressed up ok. bloody hell becos of u i fell down right smack on both of my knees on the busy road ok! i was like thinking am i very bad for not going tt i didnt see where im gg n i fell dwn la! luckily theres no car if nt i must be lying somewhere in the hospital. CHOY* yea la i jay walked. phewww.

*chants* “Guan ying ma bo bi bo bi..” (bo bi means bao you in hokkien n bao you means bless for chinese morons out there)

anyways~ we head over to bugis and bloody hell. the price of the white denim skirt is like half the price la! n i bought one! heehee. its nice la but i got the M size one. S size is so.. short man. just nice cover my butt nia. hahahaha. 18 bucks. quite cheap eh.

then xue suddenly feel like drinking coffee bean and damn it. she makes me wana have it too! we comb the bugis area but theres no coffee bean leh! only starbucks and TCC. n tcc is so damn bloody ex so its outta qn. yea. n we slacked over there n we talked bout our family. hehs.

n i keep laughing bout her short fringe. LOL LOL LOL.

afterwards she went to meet ham n me joey. n afterwards i bought a m)phosis slip on! yeahies my fren who was working there gave me staff discount which is 40% ok! so nice of her! so i bought it for like 10 bucks nia. wah bloody hell cheap! i saved 8 bucks lor! DAMNNN GOOD. :DDD

settled our dinner at MOS. man im a broke but verrryyy happy girl. πŸ™‚


ok on tuesday. i found out that bloody old bitch stole my money.

n its not the bloody first time.

[the first 2 times: i got e money back. so i forget it. 2nd time its just coins. so just let her have it lor.]

i flared up at her and quarrelled with her with a mixture of hokkien, chinese and english. and naturally, F words were flying round. n i dont bloody care even though my dad is home.

she really can get an Oscar for her acting. she was acting all tearful asking my dad who tell him that she stole my money n my dad who couldnt be bothered with her just went to his room and heck her.

den she starts to scold me. WTF. u steal my money n u said im accusing u. she will say stuff like..

“I’ve lived till this age, and i never ever ever steal , dont maglin me”

yar right. first u steal mom’s money. then mine. SNORTS. talk bout never ever!

n she will cry n all. LIKE I CARE. I DONT FUCKING CARE.

she dont work. nobody visits her cos she’s so bloody irritating. she dont go down. all she do is stay at home. n may i ask where u get tt 10 bucks frm. n y so coincidentally my 10 bucks is missing?!


so she lost her side of argument. then she starts saying things like “CCB”, “KAM LAN” tt sorta stuff at me. HA-HA. so sweet of my dear old grandmother right? πŸ™‚

tmd tmd tmd. i really hate her lor.

a thought had been swimming in my head for the longest of times. my sis had been having it too. baby think its wrong to think of that. but all i can say is he will never understand and wad he will think of if he were in my shoes. i know im mean for harbouring this thought cos afterall she is “family”. but i dont treat her as one. shes dont deserves my love and care. for someone who can said such crude stuff to her “grandchild” just dont fucking deserves it. i am evil. i am mean. whatever. i just want my mom n dad to have a easier life. i just want them to be able to relax when they reached home and not listen to her constant naggings and put up with her nonsense. is tt too much to ask?

no. i dont think so.

(baby sorry for all the f words. i noe u dont like it. but dis is my way of expressing something to someone like her.)