Virgin trip to Crystal Jade (with pics)

back from lunch with my sis. oh man we had such a spread. we had xiao long bao, guo tie, ramen and some crispy thing. they r so so good. my god i hereby pronounced im in love with xiao long baos! they r like e nicest lil thing on earth. i couldnt believe today was my 1st time eating it. how much i’ve missed out man!

n we were snapping pics of each other and i had such a great time la. my sis v nice. there were like 4 xiao long baos. but i love it so much my sis let me have 3 while she just had 1. NICE RIGHT! hehs. :DDDD

wah lao xiao long bao really v nice!

hahahaha ok. ya we were damn full after our lunch la so we just walked ard n she bought something at FOX. hehs we go into e dressing rm tgt (i dunoe whether its allowed or not but heck la) n yeahies. i can wear it oso muahahaha. when she’s out with me, she certainly will spend alot of money de.

afterwards, we had our dessert at Anderson’s ice cream! i seriously think Anderson is much nicer than Swensen’s or Ben&Jerry’s. especially the latter! the ice cream is like so.. soft la. i dun like! ewww.



thanks for ur treat today. hee. its so nice to be ur meimei. although sometimes u really get onto my nerves by being so bitchy but i love u la. n i noe u will still continue to dote me though u owas say u wont. hahahaha. 😛 i enjoyed today! very very much. lets do that again! LOL. :DDDD

mwaks. love u!


we took lots of pics!! 🙂 but im editing them now. will post them up later. or tml. hee.




a pic of me in case u all forget hw i look like. *grins*

my sister getting excited over an empty bowl. LOL

me, a very happy girl. 🙂

grinning like an idiot. hahahah 😛

where’s my food!

yea n i joined in. hahahaha

our food! oh man.. my xiao long baos! anyway the la mian is a super huge portion; we couldnt finish that bowl! hehs.

yummy! e smoke is from the xiao long baos. hehs.

haha see my sis likes the food. LOL.

me n my cheche mwaahhh*

my sole purpose of posting dis is to test ur eyesight. HAHAHHA.

nxt stop: Anderson’s Icecream! mine is belgian choc chip while my cheche one is cookies n cream. mine’s nicer. hahaha.

yummmmy~ :DDD

walao i gt wrinkles oreadi leh! ON MY FOREHEAD! ahhhh!!

click it to view. put it in thumbnail cos i tink its too big for e width of my blog. pathetic la i noe. hahaha.


my beloved, one n only, cheche!! heehee.