29 & 30 sept (with 50++ pics uploaded!)

yeah! those 2 days i was with my babyboy. :)) on saturday initially we wanna go vivo n catch a movie. but turns out my tutee last min wants some tuition cos he got alot of hmwk which needs my help. so by e time we reach vivo all e gd seats r gone so our movie date is gone. tsk. had our dinner at subway n headed over to the Singapore River there cos there is some flea market at the Art house.


pretty boring la actually. hahaha not my cup of tea. only one stall caught my attention. this stall is selling some africa-kinda accessories. necklaces n stuff. i bought this elephant pendant necklace. carved out of camel bone! cool eh? n baby bought a necklace n a ring too. hehs. the stall is pretty interesting so i snapped a few photos of it. afterwards me n baby just cam whore along the way and then we head back to JEC to play arcade.

been so long since i last touch a machine in arcade already lor. we played this jap drum (tsk lose in 2 rounds to baby. i conclude tt my drumsticks not tt nice to manuveur la LOL) n basketball game. SO TIRING LEH. my arms v suan today lor. LOL. n dang! i had nachos. *slurps* afterwards we head for home- my home. hee.

i was counting down to 12am because apparently baby hid my present away in my hse n he said tt i can only go n find it on my bday itself! so after e clock strikes twelve i immediately went to e fridge. cos i noe he cfm will buy me a cake one! h AH-HA! i was right. hehshehs. this hello kitty cake from polar. LOL. so kiddish! den afterwards im stuck i dunoe where he hid my present. but i managed to find it eventually la~ hurhur. a musical box and a CD collection of love songs. hahahaha but some of e songs very weird la.

cut e cake and we went to sleep. gotta get up early for tml!


YEAH SO EXCITING CAN WEAR MY NEW BIKINI! MUAHAHAHHA. n i made sandwiches ok! i woke up early to prepare lor. joey is like still sleeping after i’ve bathed n get ready. n u noe hw long i bathe n get ready one lor. hahahaha.

anyway~ we both suakus caught e sentosa express for the first time. n i nearly die of heat la. SO HOT LEH. n we ate new zealand ice cream and got on the tram cos its too tiring to walk to palawan. (i dont like siloso la) after sun tanned for less than half an hr i was dying to go back to the shade. hahaha but baby continue to sun bathe n my mat is SOAKED with his sweat la! EWWW. hahaa. erxin! i keep take refuge in the 7-11 store cos its soooo cooling inside! 😀 but congrats la baby.. u become a lil bit darker. lil bit la ah. ;DDD n i cam whore like nobody business. wad to do must entertain myself right! waiting for boyfriend to sun bathe finish what!

oh yeah. i’ve been to Asia’s most southern point ok! we crossed tt bridge! hehs.

afterwards went to VIVO n baby bought 2 doughnuts from tt every so famous doughnut shop. which we both conclude: shucks. NICE MEH?! seriously la its soooo over rated. n we both went crazy at Toys R’ us. especially baby. went crazy with all e masks n wigs n stuff. hahahaahah. I GOT PICTURES OF THAT OK! *evil grin*

head to IMM for fish&co. phwoar damn full ok! all in all.. i had a great bday la. all thanks to baby. 🙂 thank you baby for everything! *mwaks*

tons of pics will be up later! watch out for the space below! 😀


before i start this spree of fotos i wana tell everyone who read this:

do pay extra careful to my dear boyfriend’s facial expressions. some are plain ugly and spastic. gosh. LOL. sorry baby! 😛

Subway, eat fresh! 🙂

emo baby

got artistic not? hehs. but i got pretty freak out cos i spot plentiful of orbs. turns out its not orbs. cos my sis said orbs have colours surrounding it. PHEWW.

me! i damn cho lor la the way i stand. tsk! hahaha.

a random lamp post along e way. baby~ can we have a lamp post in our home nxt tym? 😀 hahaha i like leh. throw in a bench n we can have picnic for every meal!

wee fly kaiwen fly! 😀

some of e displays of e shop i’ve mentioned.

personally i like these 4 alot.

the necklaces.

ok this is like a few of e pics baby looks normal in it de.

nehneh see! he start already! LOL


at home:

lying on our last min mattress. hehs. awww so nice to sleep w baby la~ again again!

his present to me n the angbao frm his mummy! 😀

his presents to me! 🙂

my kitty cake.

actually there are quite a number of pics of me wishing but i wont post any cos i look super fat. hahahaha so.. DEH!

ok sleeping time!


30 sep:

i show all of u one very horrifying pic of me k? hahahaha its taken str8 after i’ve woke up so maybe u can like spot some shit in my eye n stuff lidat.. and check out my hair man!



ta-da~ hahaha see what a shower and some combing can help you? LOL.

normal pic~

weird pic! haaahah.

we stopped at the New Zealand ice cream bar there at siloso before heading over to palawan. BLOODY HOT LA! look at all the fake fruits galore!

yumyum! haha i like dis pic though i can c e pimple near my eyebrow. tsk. i look so happy! hee.

baby with his yucky rum&raisin and mint choc. EWW.

this tidbit is so damn bloody nice ok!

k la baby like dont really wana take dis pic. che. lol

on the tram to palanwan beach!

hahah like v muscular right? fake one la~ he “gek” one. HAHAHAHA. 😛

yeah! we’ve finally reached! 😀

very.. bri…gh..t.

my cheche said my legs nice wor. HEHS. ;DD

yeah finally a normal picture of baby! haha

frm baby’s angle.

dont c so plain ok. the filling v nice one hor! black pepper tuna ok!

my sis’s shorts r abit too big for me now. thinking of getting a denim shorts just nice for me. 😀 hehs. oh ya i walk super cho lor. c how my arms were swaying man!

island life;love it! 🙂

can c frm my hair its actually quite a windy day. hahaha.

cam whore cam whore!

am bored so i keep snapping boliao pics. in dis pic i was trying to use my leg to touch joey’s. but.. my leg too short. hahahahaha.

wanna noe e pattern of my swimsuit right? hahaha. look at this pic carefully n u can c the pattern oreadi. so totally pai kua can!


jasmine is right man~ JOEY IS INDEED EVOLVING! HAHAHA.

dis is not candid pic ok. he posed with tt expression hor!

wee smile kaiwen smile! camera’s looking! hahha.

while waiting for e tram back to the train station, we were bored. so..

click to view la duh. hahaha wah joey is crazy la! look at the third one! i nv fail to laugh whenever i saw tt man.

nice toilet with pretty tiles~ 🙂

hahaha see e powder on e edge of joey’s lips? i purposely go use my finger dab on some powder n “bua” on one. hahahaha. :DDD

halloween is approaching. and baby went crazy at the mask area.

hahhahaha. yeaps. my baby is indeed evolving. 🙂

hahaha bimbo!

im trying to be a Hogwarts student la ok! but i look like a lunatic sweeper. -_-

dinner at fish&co. wah freezing cold. think if zanel sit at my place she will like just freezes over or something.

our jungle freeze! its nice n its super huge! only for 6.50. hahaha quite cheap right!

it looks huge with me man. hahaha.