Steamboat day

here r e pics. enjoy~


izzy n mark r e only camera sensitive ppl ard. see while eating still know i taking pics still pose somemore! haha wad to do. some ppl r just born lidat!

everyone look at e cam~ oh ya the one in blue is jean’s mum! her mum is like super duper cool one la! damn nice oso! hehs.

jasmine is just being jasmine.

steamboat with this grilling function! very nice la but wah all e smoke makes me n baby damn smelly afterwards man. i din even wanna be close to him cos i can smell it! hahha. šŸ˜›

i can c tt izzy is being very very careful; blowing ur soup izzit? LOL.

check out zanel n ambert!

i just feel v shuang tt i look v small size here. LOL

fondue! can feel ulcers expanding when ur eating tt lor! we all realise tt most of us has gt ulcers la! except for izzy. out of our clique oreadi la she. hahaha. amanda, wana join us? šŸ™‚ leave application form in comments ok. hahaha. we 4 will consider one!

happy people.

zanel n ambert. dont ask me y ambert has such a weird expression. zanel, y huh. y he lidat. hahhaha.

tsk. they just love sitting on each other laps la ah. to quote frm jeanette. its not like her hse lack of chairs la.

hahaha i tink jasmine looks v funny here! like deer caught in headlights. lol awwww.

i look fat here. nehneh.

dis is “gui lian” pic. hahaha izzy really zuo gui lian lor. -_- jas n jeanette’s gui lian fail 1 la.

couple pic. look lovey~


2nd day of sch.

wah im like very sleepy after break lor. n e cooling weather doesnt help either! damn. -_-” n i realise i’ve been eating quite alot these few days. but dis wk i think im nt gg gym le la. i gg to come tt one. šŸ˜¦ hate it when tt happens!