change my blogskin agn. think this is nicer. i like e colour combi. but y cant WP haf a pink theme backgrd ah? dang! pink is nice ok!

i add some songs to my vpod too. nat king cole so totally rawks la~


e flu bug caught me n i er.. walked in e rain. so i er kinda fall sick. tsk. find myself trouble. luckily baby was nice enuff to rush over to JE after his sch (he ends sch at 6half n his sch is at bugis ok!) so his dearest baby (me la) can stay at hm n rest. i just popped in a panadol extra cold relief. hope i’ll be gd as new by tml! 🙂


Rain so heavy
Bag so heavy
I so girly~
(Izzy, 2007)