last friday

before i start on last friday; im just so glad tt my com is working perfectly now. all thanks to who? shiwei la! hahahaha my “personal IT consultant”. he cabbed dwn frm work to help me gao dim my stupid spyware ok! n he left at 11+ lor. seriously w/o him me n my com will be dead long ago~ rahhh- lesson learnt now. wo hui guai guai di. hahaha. 😛


last friday. right.

during class i asked jean to “lure” jasmine to e toilet and when they were gone; i asked e class to sing bday song for jasmine when she came back. n philip koh is damn on- off e lights n even got the projector as a spotlight n he was trying a few times to make sure it really works ok!

nah nah izzy! philip koh- i noe u will love it even though its just his backview!

happy girl aye?

haha after i took e pic im like asking, “got like fu nv not (father n daughter)”.

n philip was like.. “xiong mei la(siblings)”

=X wahahaha OOPS.

happy girl with pressie frm us! looks abit too pinkish la ah. but all her accessories we picked for her were all black n white ok! except for a pair of red earrings la. tts e only red thing know!

frank the butler. hahahaha she’s a v gd butler ok! ok i mean, HE. help me take bag, take out my jacket, fold it, let me hold his hand when its a rainy day. hahaahha. too bad la. he is fired. permanently. LOL. tts y fired frank is his other name. 😦 aww so sad.

me n jas. with a lil bit of izzy! wahahah look at izzy! 😛

on the way there..

im very happy! as you can see. LOL.

the manly ones.

we went subway for our lunch. jasmine n izzy were so blur la ok! jasmine wanted mustard for her sandwich but not izzy. so they asked e staff to cut it up n put mustard on just 1 side of the foot long sandwich. turns out those 2 stupid ones took e wrong one! hahaha n izzy end yp with the mustard end. wahahahah.

deh. see.

me n jean with ours. compare our sides of e tables ah.. me n jean’s one were damn clean lor. izzy is like e messiest eater there! hahaha. cos of e mustard la.

wahahahaha! MANLY NOT?! still got somemore leh!

LOLLOLLOL. i loveee dis pic man. seriously damn retarded n funny. when i snapped it n saw it wah lao eh. laugh till me n jeanette peng. wahahahhaah!


zhixin’s pose? hehs.

we call this; making e best out of it. hahahh.

she went condor heroes crazy. LOL.

im e lil devil. hiakhiakhiak. ok nvm. *whistles*

baby came n find us n we took a grp pic b4 izzy n jean leaves. izzy is holding tt stupid starbucks serviette (hw to spell ah?!) la. stupid one. -_-

mark came along n e guys went crazy after they know tt the rock is coming to vivo so e girlfriends ofcos must accompany e boyfriends right? we waited for an hr plus n the pics i gt were saddening.

haha alamak! shaking hands with audience wor!

olinda n hady. ya im standing damn near to them.

daniel ong. me n mark conclude tt he gt endless stuff to talk.


he walks damn fast n when he was nearing us he suddenly turn his head for dunoe wad reason! n tts e only pic i got of him. 😦

mark n jasmine.


boy oh boy just see jas n mark unglam pics totally make my day oreadi. 😛


i decided to add categories for my entries. haahha. just for fun. 😀 to make it more organized.