Good morning earthlings.

currently, the time is 00:54. why am i still awake at dis kinda timing? cos im doing my IEP la! well its more or less done, praying tt wad i’ve done is correct! if not i will cry i tell you. i spend so much time typing on it la!

n facebook is perfect for de-stressing. i can chose to be a werewolves n go bite ppl or be a slayer n go kill zombies or wad nots. or i can send some fishies to my frens and c wad my frens had write on my wall. hahhaa. most of all.. i can let my tau kuah participate in races! 🙂

NAPFA is coming. like.. 1 day away only. n just nw i tried my standing broad jump. i lie dwn on e floor n i marked my height (my height is 155 so i add 1 more cm; we need 156cm to pass) n damn it la. i cant jump for nuts leh seriously. i will be missing away by 10cm or more. my sis came out n teach me a few tricks n i dunoe y.. i just cant! my legs coordination just suck leh. SERIOUSLY.

“Here i am a lump of fat yet i can pass everytime i jump. U leh gt packs but cant even pass.” (Leow, 2007)

from my sissy. yea la yea la. u can pass la. lihai la!

all e good genes r with u lor! 😦 sadded la. im so gg to fail on wed. boohoo. frens.. dont laugh at my stupidity on wed ok. i will take it to heart one. cos i plan on not doing but tt izzybella say must try. at most fail. right. might as well dont do la! GRRRRR.

on another note.

cant wait for friday. meeting my babyboy! ;D sushi buffet! hehs.