Stayover at puay suan's house

haha i noe jeanette u read my blog. i noe u so wanna kill me right now for my title, right? hahahaha. 😛


on monday, me zanel n izzy went for a stayover at jean’s hse n boy, it was funnnnnnnnn. its like we laughed till we slp n when we woke on on tue morn, we will start laughing again. hahaha this is crazzzy man! tsk. thinking tt we r gg to on our seperate ways after a few more mths kinda make me sad. 😦

alrighty. pics!

my eeyore! from baby. ❤ the winnie the pooh is our dearest zanel’s “ah oei” aka shorty.

a treat frm jean’s mum at cafe cartel. well~ zhige jas n izzy went to haf kfc.. hahah so they miss out on e treat! anyway we 3 had pasta n yummy! its delicious. im so gg to try on tt cream of mushrm pasta nxt tym!

me n zanel. dang. huuuge pimple on my nose.

our dearest izzy appear with this huge “camping bag”. hahahaha we were saying she plan to stay there for a week! hahahah siao 1 leh e bag so big. wahlao she brought everything lor! shampoo la conditioner la den still gt some stuff for her face. hahha u shd just c her bag!

grp pic at e lift lobby. hahaha. looks like only me izzy n zanel were posing. :S

ok so at jean’s hse, she made her yummy-scrumptious cheese cake w tt jello thing on top agn! wee! its damn nice. jeanette~ do it agn n FED-EX to all of us ok! hahahahah. we discussed our IEP, had lil breaks in between and afterwards, zanel n jean went for a swim. while me n izzy went for a steam in e steamrm. n jas just rot. hahahaha.

me n izzy were discussing real interesting topics in e steamrm. n it was all triggered off by one qn of hers:

“Do u think a couple will make out in a steamrm?”


menu of the day! WEE! its damn nice la!!!!

we bought her a flower for her great hospitality! :DDD jean’s mum is one hip mama! hahahaha.

jas’s reaction after e pic was taken.

“wahlao eh so ugly la! i look like a tree! eh.. DELETE ah!”

hahahah ya like i will . 😛

hello. cam is in front. not there.

afterwards jas went off n the 4 of us play monopoly! the now and then version! its damn cool with tt card swiping machine!


jean turns out to be e overall winner. n she keep paying us money cos she keep stepping into everyone’s hses la! turns out she gt 20+ over million. wadda hell. pif. hahahah. we shall play agn nxt tym!

afterwards at night, hahaha izzy is like sleeping in between us. n before we all sleep she start molesting me oreadi! hahahaha ok la nt tt serious. we just like to exaggerate stuff. LOL. n i can hear jean keep slapping on her back la. LOL. n e angle is like just nice for her to smack. n in e middle of e night izzy’s legs were like all over my territory n im trying my best to blend in e sofa. LOL.

n she gt whacked by me 1st thing in e morning. 🙂

all in all~ great great fun! if only ALL projs r so interesting!

2 more days to my cheche’s 21st!