my magical xmas

ok so e day turns out pretty well!

we kicked off our day to a super early start! cos we r gg to watch “I am Legend” at PS at 1145 so i woke up bright n early n started preparing. he came over n pass me a handmade felt xmas card w a hello kitty sock thingy to hang. n i pass him a jar of handmade cookies.



n i made it.

n its EDIBLE. n its nice ok! hahaha baby, ur impressed right!

caught “The Mist” trailer n i think its gg to a nice movie too but im sure i will shit in my pants or something cos its kinda horror flick? hahaha but wadever it looks nice!

head off to bugis n we tried to do our xmas shopping. ok la i bought quite a few items. namely bangle earrings necklace ring tube dress. (thanks baby!) and i ‘bought’ a eagles cd for baby. 😉

went over to marina sq n baby collected his wallet then he had made a reservation for n yeah! finally he can put our foto in e new wallet. baby really splurged n treat me to a real good meal at Pariss. i feel quite bad for making him spend so much on just a meal. (its just a bloody meal leh) anyway~ since we paid so much, might as well eat wadever we can right? duh.

so.. we had

*5 crayfish. baby ate like 4.
*assorted sushi plus chuka salad for me! yummeh i love chuka salad!
*5 bowls of alaska crab shark fin soup. i had like 3. muahaha.
*herbal black chicken soup. taste very herbal-ly. i noe cheche will love it but nt really my cup of tea.
*mexican abalone
*steam fish
*assorted fried chicken-jap style
*satay (their satay is v v v nice ok!)
*fish head curry
*lamp chop
*some kinda meat for baby
*ham n turkey. hey its xmas! hahaha
*油菜. all for me. e cailan is v nice.
*cakes n dessert

ok. i think thats all. anything else? couldnt really rmb. but wah.. e dory fish really damnnnnnn good.

after dinner i had to put on my sweater cos my stomach is bloated. there goes my cals for e day. think i gain like 1kg. hahaha.

after dinner then we went for a cable car ride. its pretty short but its quite thrilling cos dear me havent been on a cable car for a v v looooong time. we ended up in the Jewel Box on mount faber n we realised.

we r stranded there.

luckily baby asked a waiter n he said theres a bus jsut round e corner tt comes in like every half an hr. turns out we just missed one so we wait for blooooody long. oh ya. e toilets there r stunning.

it even gt a atas looking purple sofa with a nice curve in e toilet ok! ITS BLOODY NICE. too bad my camera is in korea. if not i could like take loads of pics n post it up. baby.. nxt tym our hse. our toilet must look like tt ok? hehs.

on 97 we were both dead beat n baby was sleeping soundly.



baby.. thanks for everything on tuesday. hope u enjoy my cookies. u can eat it once u missed me! hee. if u really like it tt much i can bake it for u since i gt a mega oven in my hse now.



i love you. 🙂