hot bod hot bod hot bod!

i shouldnt even be here posting a post in e 1st place. my ampyc essay still left ard 3/4 pg to go but whatever. i just saw this workout routine that target your middle section and DAMN. the girl had such a nice tight stomach.


this is bad you noe. i’ve nv been to the gym for quite some time. (past few wks i’ve been swimming) therefore i cant check out my weight! my hse’s weighing machine sucks la so i alwasy rely on the gym’s one. its electronic! can see all the decimal places. hahahaa.

n i think my legs just got more jiggly wobbly. not good.

so.. i’ve decided…

to do the abs workout everyday!! and my dumbells. baby been asking me to work out on my arms. said its too jiggly. he said if i can lose so much weight then he dont c y i cant tone my arms. (IJKZ. is not i want hor, is joey ask me ok! HAHAHAHAH)

very right.

so.. HOT BOD HOT BOD! here i comeeeeee~ 😀

those interested in the abs workout can go check msn main pg, its still in their featured site. if its gone, click on their fitness tab. its there! 🙂