cigarette my dear, cigarette

i know its rude to eavesdrop on ppl but hey, i couldnt help but overheard this conversation tt was going on behind me!

i was crossing e road frm bugis street, making my way to parco bugis when i heard 2 girls cracking their head up, trying to figure out how to spell cigarette.

Girl A: “c-i-g-r-e-t-e”

Girl B: ” *repeats after Girl A* ”

after a while..

Girl B: “CIGRETE AH? wrong la!!!”

Girl A: “hahahhaha”

Girl B: “dont have the R izzit. got D inside huh?”

hahahaahaha. wah biang. its so funny la. hey im not being mean here i just think its funny. sometimes im stumped by simple words as well! πŸ˜€

n my dear, its..


cigarette. πŸ™‚