dis week is seriously killer week for us.

killer week till im drinking soup and reading up my OBHRM. seriously, think this textbk is quite crappy. apart frm a few theories here n there, i skip quite alot cos theres ALOT of examples. n i mean, ALOT. (at least for tt few parts i’ve read la..)

n im v v worried about our AMPYC as well. its due on mon n NOTHING, nothing has been done. seriously freaking me out! its my 1st time for dragging a proj till so long n nothing is accomplished. 😦

not to mention today i’m not in a pretty good mood as well; for pretty obvious reasons. if you cant see it, its either your blind/deaf/in denial/or all of the abv. everybody is feeling frustrated and feeling stressed up over everything. cant wait for all of this to be over! n we can all party all go out have chalet meet up go shopping can do whatever we want!



surprised that you guessed correctly what happened with just such a vague sms i sent u. haha. 🙂 u’ve nt been my bf in vain! thanks for hearing me out and just keeping quiet and just letting me rant out my frustrations. mwahs. i love you!