iep; its over!

iep; the presentation is over!!!!!!!

anyway e speech is for nothing cos sukuna asked alot of qns. n im stumped dwn there. cos i dont get her qn.

and the bloody good thing is. i know e ans. i just dont understand her qn. n e bloody gd thing is i din ask her to repeat n i din pass it to my grp mate. zzzzzzzz

*smacks head against e wall for 10001 times*

but its owas lidat one what. when ur kanqiong u wont do any of e things ur supposed to do, its only when everything is over, then you will think and say to urself “i shd have done dis la!” aiyah wadever. ITS OVERRRR! hahaha just hope tt i wont drag e grp marks dwn since IEP is a grp thingy.

we all oso din get to finish our speech. hahahaha i mean like all. i think except for zanel. she said ALOT! cos her part got ALOT of stuff to talk abt. but izzy’s really talked only abt a few sentences and tts it la. hahahaha. poor thing. but oso gd la. nv ask qns. right? šŸ™‚ but jeanette helped alot la. me izzy n zanel. hahahaa.

thats y shes e brain and we r all her pinkies! šŸ˜‰

stayed back after sch n me n izzy r done with our AMPYC!! hooray. now left my AYC and my HRM. hrm. gosh. -_-“