dont say i never warn u: SUPER LONG POST

missy’s com is back! yeahies! hehs i am veryyy veryy happy that my com is finally making those whirring noises again. send my com to a repair shop near baby’s hse and the guy re-install everything agn. all my data r gone for dunoe wadever gd reason. he asked me whether there r any impt documents tt i wish to retreived but since i had graduated, i said no therefore my com is now moving v fast cos theres nothing in it!

hahaha. YES NOTHING.

must slowly dl songs, fonts, foshop brushes n wadsnot agn.

but ok la, fresh new start to a new stage of my life! but all my pics i’ve taken since 2005 r all gone! 😦 our IJKZ pics! awwww sadded. n me n baby pator pics. tsk. luckily i’ve post some of them up in my blog and some of them i’ve developed out so.. nt tt bad la. hahahah.




HRM test (which i think is super easy ahahahah) and suki sushi day! πŸ™‚ after e test we went to OURSPACE just like wad i’ve proposed n we played pictionary agn!

tts my butler’s legs btw. hahaha.

(anyway, i’ll post a lil brain teaser at the end of this post. its something jeanette drew la ah, n all i can say is.. *erhem* hahahaha. )

after we played for awhile n got warmed up for the funnnn day ahead~ we set off to CINELEISURE cos we were all hungryfolks. n i was dying on the bus cos e journey is so surprisingly long (to me la, since my journey back hm frm sch is owas super fast) n jeanette is like a mother trying to pacify a spoilt kid (me la) hahahahaha. πŸ˜›


*all went crazy n took dwn wadever tt looks gd on that belt*

*look at food satisfyingly :D*

Anyway, Suki Sushi is definetly more worth e price for buffet cos its only 17.90 for students and u can order any orders tt r below 4.90 which is v worthwhile la! i mean u can order sashimi, scallop, those jellyfish chuka salad and it will be worth e price ur paying oreadi! n freeflow drinks ok! πŸ™‚ superrrr gd. hahhaha. unlike Sakae, which is so much more expensive, only allow us to order stuff like below 1.90. super sad. i mean with all the rice balls, you will be full after the like what, 5th plate or something!

jasmine contemplating what to eat. ANYWAY! WE WERE SO SHOCKED! when she said she only like to eat the tau kuah skin sushi and the cucumber sushi. we were like, *smacks head* hahahaha. so there alot of jasmine’s “1st time” given to us on tt day cos i think she tried alot of different stuff! :DDD

unglam! πŸ˜€

lovey lovey~ hahhaa. so NOT MAN la!


hahaha jean was saying she dont like to take pics with me cos make her look v big size. DONT LIDAT LEH. *pouts* hahahaha. nxt tym take grp pic ask izzy n zhixin stand beside u la, they both towers. lol

y we love to bring izzy out:

cos she’s crazy~

v willing to entertain us~

n willing to tarnish her notleftsomuch reputation to let us take unglam pics of her. HAHAHAHA. awwww sweet sweet frank. πŸ™‚

sotong cheers!

afterwhich, izzy make passionate love to her sotong. OOHLALA!
hahahaha. check out jas’s blog for videos! :0


Pics due long ago:

superlongago pic.

k la k la. im the shortest ok! *pouts* btw this is our IEP grp! πŸ™‚



last day of sch!! πŸ™‚ and 😦

mixed emotions la. it really just seems like ytd when we go for the orientation programme and we just got together for the first time. how izzy thought that im a chao ah lian and how i thought she n zanel is psychopath. seriously you cant blame me lor! izzy is like sitting beside me, with her then-white hair all over e place, staring into space with her mouth agape. WAH BIANG EH! lol. how i thought jeanette is super quiet (super wrong 1st impression lor!) and how i thought jasmine is a butch. hahahahaha. :X

then came year1, where blk 18 belongs to ech! supershiok cos whenever theres like 10 or 15mins break we will go down and buy nuggets n whipped potato and we will share among ourselves. (then, im still a fat kid. so yea. hahhaa) how we hate belinda seet becos she is forever marking people late when its obviously the clock is faster! how we dread her lessons cos we must do all those funny stuff. how we got super stressed up when we asked to do this PIES thing for agnes dieu and we must reference it with Piaget and whatsnot. hahaha. looking back, seriously, thats like chicken feet la~ πŸ˜› and our big book for philip koh! my fav proj so far! cos its like super fun, colouring, drawing, pasting. super fun project. tts our honeymoon year~

then came year2. its like OMYGOD yr. projs were coming in after one another. and geraldine is our lecturer for FP and we were scared and at e same time in awed of her as well cos she’s just a super gd lecturer. and then we all got super freaked out- again – cos we need to implement lesson plans! all of us were calling each other on how to write a measurable objective, what method shall i teach etc. hahhahah. just when we thought everything is over~ came sem 2. WALAO. field supervision ok! with a learning corner somemore. super super stressed up. hahaha again, looking back, its chicken feet la~ hahahaha.

then came our final year, yr3. seriously, i wondered how we all survived through year3. hahaha. for sem1, we gotta be seperated from our friends (boohoo) and be attached to a centre for 2 full months. we were required to teach 6 lesson plans with follow ups of different subjects! super stressed up when i was drawing up e table, checking which subject i’ve used and which subject i’ve not. and i will always curse and swear when i realise the one i wana use had already been used. super dulan one. LOL. then 2 learning corners needs to be set up with developmentally appropriate activitives in it for the children. you need to teach e chn how to use e activites and how they must behave at their best cos someone is coming to see how they behave. LOL. (must lidat then e kids will listen mah!) and when u find out tt you’ve passed the field supervision, tt feeling, indescribable man.

then sem2. IEP! wah with just a few wks time u need to implement lessons and learning corners to make ur proj a successful one. rmb e long serangoon trips where me n izzy will be forever stuck at e back.

then jean will turn back n shout “FASTERR LA~!!” LOL.

n hw e 6 of us huddled together, cutting, pasting, laughing. not forgetting to have fun even though we r doing proj. πŸ™‚ hahaha still rmb our stayover not? πŸ˜› how happy we got when we pass the field supervision again! hahaha. and how happy izzy got cos philip koh is our lecturer for both lectures n tutorial! WOOHOO. lol. how we keep passing notes to each other during HRM lecture, discussing what to eat ltr. LOL. aww. those times. πŸ™‚

looking back, we all have grown so much didnt we. we r now official teachers! no more student or student teachers or cheche but teachers. πŸ™‚


thanks for the memories, the laughter we shared over bullying each other, the nonsense we talked, how we find every bloody single thing funny, how we gossip (think we will go to hell la, gossip too much. HAHAHAH) over our favourite girls, how our british family became part of our school life and thank you for standing by for each other.

you girls are the reason why i look forward in going to school everyday. πŸ™‚ (frank dis is nt evil
smile hor! this is like.. genuine happy smile LOL)

i love youuuuuuuuuuu. mwaks. (frank will be super happy nw *roll eyes*)

meet up soon ok! SWEENEY TODD! dont any of u dare to watch hor.

the pic we took with philip on e last day of sch! handsome philip! hahaha. πŸ˜€



guess what is this?



yeah! i’ve come to end of the post! πŸ˜€