my chinese new year

WEE! the pics r resized and im ready to go on a blogging frenzy!



shall start with new yr eve. since i love new yr eve from young. hmm dunoe why. but i just like it. maybe because of e good food. but i think i just like e feeling of having dinner tgt w my family and enjoying e gd food. 🙂

btw.. GONG XI FA CAI! 🙂

my mum is a superb cook. she can cook anythingggg under e sun. on new yr eve she was busy preparing food and her lil daughter (me la) was bored so i decide to snap a few pics.

you see this fish. normal fish right. my mum can slice it open till like those.. restuarant-ish flying kind ok! mai siao siao!

ta-daaa! lihai not! my sis n i were asking questions like,

“how you know when to stop?”

and shes like..

“agar agar lor..”

my mum ah.. everything oso agar agar one. cos all came with experiences mah! 😀

my mum then fried e fish and left it overnight (new yr eve to nian chu yi) cos she say like that then nian nian you yu~

anyway, we had steamboat!

spot the extra head.

yummeh! anyway we had the usual la. meatballs, veg, fishballs, fish (wah the fish superrr fresh n nice) , prawns etc. but we had 1 special guest from Korea! TANG HOON! korea’s tang hoon is sooooooo Q and its superrrr nice.

my mum cooked chilli crabs for me too! 😀

after eating, i helped my dad to pour out e goodies into containers n such n i broke my promise to my sis. hahaha initially i promised to help her iron abit of the whole family’s new yr clothes but.. i went helping my dad instead. MORE FUN LA. lol.

prettaeee peanuts.


oh ya. cant help it but i wana warn everyone.

5 small pieces of pineapple tarts is equivalent to 408cals. think 408 cals v lil? think again. if u had like 10 small pieces (which is chicken feet for all la huh) its equivalent to 800cals. and tt doesnt includes all those other meals and other tidbits u had taken in ur body ok! and the packet/canned drinks! JUST IMAGINE THE CALS IN YOUR BODYYYY.

ok done scaring everyone. more pics! moving on~ hahahaha.

cinderella for the night! hahahaha. poor thing la she. she ironed mama papa and my clothes ok! including her own! LOL. 😛


1st day of Chinese New Year:

woke up early in the morning to bathe n such. cos i took super long to prepare one. must wake up earlier. LOL. oh ya. this fish? is the same fish from the abv pics. this sweet n sour fish is bloody yummylicious. i ate almost half of the whole fish! WEE.

me and cheche.

as usual.. we went over to our babysitter’s house first. we call them gong gong and po po. hehs. i treat them like my own grandparents. i love them dearly! 🙂

click for larger pic.

gong gong, po po and mummy. click!

good! dunoe y i pose tt la. LOL. but look at my thumb. can bend at a freaky angle right? 😀

sis joined in too. wahahah.

after entertaining some relatives in my house, we went over to my maternal grandparents side.

me and ah ma!

cheche, me and weiwei. (our cousin. pri 5 nia leh. heavier than me. LOL) click!

i should have took more pics. all e food! e gambling! but i didnt. lol.


2nd day of Chinese New Year:

2nd day quite happening la. in the morning went to my ah-gu’s hse. afterwards, my family and i caught CJ7 (dad wana watch.. so watch lor). eh surprisingly, NOT BAD LEH! after the movie, i went over to joey’s da yi’s hse.

little gamblers.

me and my towkay daddy 😀

my dad and sis look SUPER ALIKE RIGHT! hahahah. my sis said that she got a turnip face.

see so many ppl crowding ard e table only mean one thing.


speaking of food.

i’ve been having curry from the 1st day of CNY till now lor. but really very nice la curry! sucker for curry. damn it. LOL. luckily when i went to e gym ytd.. my weight is only 41.4kg. 😀 hehshehs. still gt space for me to gain abit more weight. lalala.

n im eating curry w beehoon now. bloody yummylicious.

i’m his beloved “nitu”! he calls me nitu cos when i was just an infant, my maternal grandparents too care of me (please e bloody old bitch living in my hse din even bothered my mum when she gave birth ok! SUPER MEAN) when i cry, when e adults gave me a pacifier they say i will stop crying. hmm. dunoe true anot. LOL. yea. pacifier = nitu in dialect la.

our tradition to catch a movie on 2nd day of CNY. the alien dog is superrrrr cute la! AHHH! hahaha. if gt plushie i cfm go n buy one. LOL. 😛

then i marathon ok! straight after e movie, i went to joey’s da yi’s hse. super tiring.

cooped in e rm to rot tgt w his cousins. cos e living rm is super smelly w e smoke n everything. urgh. cant stand e smoke. i dowan to die of 2nd hand smoke. thank u.

haha dun ask me why he did tt lor. think he wana blend into e wall?

phoebe! joey’s cousin. super cute la she. shes only 5 this year. and yea.. when i first saw her, all my ECH gene in my body is like screaming..

“SO CUTE SO CUTE!” hahaha.

she know how to sing SHE songs ok! mai siao siao!

cruise. phoebe’s younger brother. hahaha. stunned look. O.O

the 3 siblings. phoebe, shannon and cruise. shannon is their da jie!


im like.. “chenghan.. SMMMMILLLLE~~~” -_-

i think baby looks more like e younger bro. hahahaha. kiddy face la he.

phoebe and “kaiwan” jiejie. she always pronounce my name as “kaiwan” HAHAHAHA.


3rd day of Chinese New Year:

nothing much on today. just went over to baby’s hse. as usual, rot in e rm with his cousins. tried to play a few games but failed. LOL. forever got someone dunoe how to play some game one. be it be “oosh” or “fuzzywuzzy”.

baby cam-whoring w my cam.

love e top, so need to cam whore abit. 😀

ok tts all folks!

cant wait for tues! IJKZ OUTING! SWEENEY TODD! WEE~~