like a pile of shit

everyday, i woke up, had my brunch, surf the net and do some other stuff. everyday. every bloody single day. once in a while, there will be a change to this mudane lifestyle. once in a while, i will go for swimming or for a gym session. once in a while, i will go out with my friends.

but after the day ends, the next day will continue on with the same boring routine again.

feel like a pile of shit at home, doing nothing (ok i did household chores but still!) and wasting my parents’ resources ($$). i sourced for jobs in the internet but to no avail. once i submitted my resumes, the waiting process will start and it takes bloody long for e person to get back to you. like bloody long.

desperately looking for a job. i need money!!!!!!!!

oh yes did i mention. my cranky old com, broke dwn again! this friday sw coming over to take a look. see! spend more money again! &#$^&*@*&%%$##!