of durians and pizza hut drumsticks

pardon e random title. had tt for dinner so yea. super fattening la i noe. going to meet baby in .. 7 hrs time. n im still here happily typing away.


sw came over n had a look of my old bloody com and damn. he say maybe some box thingy got fried up (cant rmb e name la) n tml baby is gg to help me install a new one n c whether it will work or not. but sw told me not to hope cos he thinks there is a bloody high chance tt my motherboard will be spoilt as well.

great. jusssssssst great. hurmph.

oh yea! childcare’s tcher pay has risen! is it 1.8k?! is it is it? if it is i dont mind working man. since i rather prefer working with chn. when im like studying the course im so sure tt i wont be in this line- like over my dead body kind. but after like thinking, i realise tt i enjoy teaching. i just hate the bloody routine! bathing etc. so xueli n i were trying to find kindergarten like PCF kind. cos PCF is under govt. n govt’s childcare tcher’s pay has risen! yipee! but if anyone noe e exact amt pls tell me ok!!!! i wasnt really listening to e news ytd. was reading my bk..

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory.

this is a super gd read. strongly recommended. darlin, think u shd read it. u will enjoy this! 🙂

recently keep playing viwawa. daidee mahjong n whats not. hahaha. its a gd way to just rot n spend ur time la. but am feeling e stress already. 😦 i need MOOLAH. sw ask me to go work as admin. hmmmmmmmmmm. admin. abit boring ah? LOL. n need to use excel? liew. i noe nuts bout it. i noe la. learn right. hahahahahah.

oh yes.

i just read a piece of news and im super happy after i read it.

Australian researchers found out singing actually burns calories! WALAO EH! how shiok is tt! nw i noe why during my sec sch days i can eat like siao but i wont get so fat! cos im in e choir wad! apparenty, singing 10 songs the cals burnt is equivalent to running 1000m! amazing right!! n they test in on a few ppl i think. singing Ah-Mei songs apparently burn more cos its of higher note n its of a faster pace.

wana be slim right?

sing faster songs! with higher notes! hit that note baby! hehs. i realise i know super lots of trivia news like these. hahahah. lalala. amazing. can use these time to find more jobs! -_-

walao am rambling like siao la. n if u stay n read finish this post i think ur bored too.

either tt or ur in love with me. ha.ha.ha.