mr. toilet roll please stop staring at me

before u continue reading, this is a post full of my ramblings n u really shd change/close the window if you expect a interesting post w pics galore.


once, i read a horoscope website and it mentioned that librans often swing between 2 characters and i couldnt agree more with that. we are not like the pisces, who has 2 character all e time. libra’s sign is of a scale therefore, the scale will often tend to lean over to 1 side or e other. thus explaining e different kind of character libran has. therefore, we must try and learn to balance it, which explains y librans often takes up e other side of an argument; we want fairness.

some may say its total bullshit n tt horoscope is a load of crap but, i believe in it leh. sometimes its just so freaking accurate!

i realised since eons ago, i have 2 character in me too. different thinking as well, n its v hard to strike a balance between e 2 two of them. not saying it doesnt happen, it do, just that its v rare to strike that balance. n it really doesnt help that librans r indecisive ppl.

in secondary sch, i’m known for like the serious studious kid. cos i am one! i dont join ppl for outings (rarely) i think i rarely laugh as well (hahaha. sounds so serious.) but in my poly days, i am known as the crazy girl who got a super loud laughter. i’m like, e girl who speak super loud in class n laugh like nobody business n it really doesnt help that im in a crazy clique. see the difference?

i can be very serious with you. i can be mean n sarcastic. i can b scheming. i am also sensible. but sometimes, i will just revert to this little girl, who squeals at every pink n glittery stuff. mr.boyfriend always say i’m v gullible and v ready to believe in something he said. yes i am. but sometimes, i am not. when im with some of my friends, my brain will start ticking and (i know frens shdnt behave in this way but) i will start to build a wall ard me n withdraw myself frm them because i feel tt i cant trust them. no reason why. i just feel it. it will b great if more of e lil girl characteristics will come out here but, instead, this doubtful woman has taken place. v weird leh. i dunoe y as well. not tt those frens r super mean or what, no, they r nice frenly ppl but suddenly i will just feel this way. with no warning. hmm, pls tell me i am not e only one who will feel this way.

e website mentioned, people around me will affect my scale. hmm. very true.

aiyoh a post full of my nonsense ramblings. darlin, did you stay through e post this time round? hahaha.