hmm.. movies?

caught The Spiderwick Chronicles ytd with ym at the 11th hour. we didnt planned it. i just wana get out of e house cos im alone. sis went for tuition, parents went for KTV (yes. my parents got a very happening social life- weekday. and they went KTV-ing. wow)

ok la. it was a battle between Step Up 2 and Spiderwick, but as always, i won. 🙂 LOL. ok fine. he let me.

I find it nice. Fantasy Epic. hehs. My fav words from the movie,

“You die, I die, Everybody die. BYE BYE”

wahahaha. not bad a show, go catch it!


i cant wait for


I’ve just finished reading this book and that was one fantastic book i can assure you. The book is based on the sibling rivalry between Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn for the heart (or rather, throne of the Queen for Anne Boleyn) of Henry VIII of England for the first 1/3 of the book.

Afterwards, its more of Anne creating disorder in court to overthrew the then present Queen Catherine of Aragon so that the King can marry her (bloody bitch). Anne Boleyn is the more cunning one, and the more famous one. Thus, the title, The Other Boleyn Girl, cause its talking from Mary’s POV. Not many know about Mary Boleyn, not even the author herself, until she did some research on her.

The Boleyn is a famous aristocratic family during the early 16th century and the book gives you insight on the life of a courtier. (rather depressing i must say) And how ambition and greed can ruin a person.


I did a search on wikipedia last night on almost all the characters that were mentioned in the book. Their Uncle who is super evil and cunning by making use of the Boleyn girls to push their family to fame and fortune, their parents, even the castles mentioned in the book! Even Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII, who is a mistress of the king when he was married to Anne at the point of time.

and my oh my.

they are all so ugly.

The King is balding, and he is fat. Mary Boleyn is fat. Anne Boleyn is.. ugly. Jane Seymour, the mistress, who is being described as sweet in the book wasnt that sweet either. haha. And look at the casts of the movie! Scarlett Johansson as Mary Boleyn, Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn and Eric Bana as the King! hahahaha yea la. must find handsome n pretty people, afterall, its a movie!

here are some pictures of the 3 main characters! Real pictures ok!

he is none other than Henry VIII. handsome meh?

Mary Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn.

wonder what change they will make to the movie! ohhhh. hope it wont be a disappointing book-turn-to-movie!

cant wait!!!! 🙂 anyone else interested?


starting work next wednesday. looking back i wished i had done something more during my slacker days. haha. its always lidat isnt it. pif. well, i really hope the children will like me!