10 random facts

kop it from darlin’s blog. was bored, i’ve prepared my learning materials for tml and friday’s lessons so just type bah. hehs.

1. my fav. character in winnie the pooh is EEYORE!! cos i think it looks blur and stupid and i find that superduper cute. 😀

2. when children cries, i find it super cute and it will make me love them even more. (but for those irritating one, sorry hor no chance.) im not sadistic la, just like to c dem cry. hahahha.

3. i love my slim slim legs. (: narcissistic? hmm, abit la. haha!

4. my biggest dream is to become a taitai; enjoy life, go shopping everyday etc. ppl always tell me i’ll be bored but i am v sure i will not be. im born to be a taitai! i will nv get tired of shopping (internet, HELLO~), or do pedicure/manicure wadever. drop me serials from hk, tw, korea, japan and i can happily snuggle myself in bed and watch it till e evening. or i can try out recipes (cookies, cakes, cupcakes) and give it to my friends. i can also ask my friends to take a leave day off and i will give them a tour of my house! hahahaha. see! told u i wont get bored. ;p

5. pink makes me happy. really really happy. but im very picky on the shade of pink. i think different items suits different shade of pink. but most of e time, a pale hue of pink appeals the most to me. it makes me smile like a goof and mr.boyfriend is quite amused with that.

6. i behave differently with different people. oh wells, libra mah. 😀 and i dont believe i have good interpersonal skills, intrapersonal instead.

7. i am lazy but i am smart. i firmly believe that lazy people r normally smart ppl. u think get other ppl to do ur stuff very simple ah? u think find short cut to work v simple ah? NO ok.but then of course, i am able to do it myself, its just a matter of choosing want or dont want. hehs.

8. i like to do handicraft. close frens of mine shd have received something handmade or handwritten from me. 😉 scrapbooking is also my favourite! i love gg to scrapbooking shops and swoon over the pins, sequins and beautiful craft paper.

9. i have mild OCD. (obsessive compulsive disorder la!) some knick knack stuff just irritate e hell out of me. like folding the corner of a pg of e bk. SLAP!

10. i support Earth Day. i believe in saving our mother earth because after all tts where we live in and tts where our chn, grandchn r gg to live in. so do ur part! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!