Happy 21st 'hia di'!

ok so its 2am n literally ym’s bday is over but wadever! i like just reached hm n i haven slp so its still 28th. haha! n i kop this pic frm deviantart. the cake is so cute right! haha!

anyway i think i’m super nice to him. cos i dragged him out of his hse (all his khakis were overseas: alan, kelvin, zhenwei etc) so he just din organise any celebrations lor! its 21st! hw can lidat! so we went to vivo’s freshbox n i asked him to get something he like. initially want him to get a shirt but none appeals to him la. so get bermudas instead. n i picked for him ok! n i must say my taste is good! 😉 got baby a polo tee as well! heehee. such a nice girlfriend!

den we went to kimgary and its e mountain turtle’s first time there. e serving is huge. i had pork cutlet in black pepper sauce. i’ve nv tasted such tenderrr fried cutlet in my life before seriously. its super nice. but i dont wish to talk abt the cals i will be gaining la. seriously. i need to excersise! i din swim/gym for e last wk. feeling super guilty now. 😦 n i just had a bowl of sweet potato soup! at this unearthly hr. ha great. anyway, digress.

n we made our way to a ktv at some CSC clubhse. booked a rm n cherie joined us. haha. n ym n i tried singing “Ru Guo Ni Ye Ting Shuo” by A*Mei. its super high ok! after i like hit e note of e song i feel super tired. hahha. singing indeed can burn cals!

end our singing at 1am. n the 3 of us walked home. yiming is super cute la. like he’s the guy, so he ofcos will be the “protector” la. n he is a serious one too! like even if he walked in front, he will turned back every now and then to make sure nobody is behind. but it freaked out me n cherie la. like there’s someone behind! n we got scared when we saw a table of blangahs under my block. not trying to be racist here, but. =\ n i gave a bowl of potato soup to yiming as reward. he need energy for all that walking!

happy birthday to you!
happy birthday to you!
happy brithday to yiming!
happy brithday to you!

my dearest friend. hope you enjoyed the day and i know u like the present. hahahaha. 😛 save money to get a car so you can drive me ard and study to further upgrade urself. nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough and you try hard enough. jiayou!

(had no idea y i sound so serious at e last part. hahaha. must be too tired!)