7.41pm. Saturday night and I’m all alone in the house. not that im complaining, cause the old bitch is not at home! parents went out for their singing session, sis wont be back till tml evening cos she’s nw at a chalet.

so i guess it just leave me lor, alone at home lor.

just now i went to the library and went NTUC to do some grocery shopping. i bought Quaker’s granola packet (v.healthy ; 90cal per pack and only 1g of fat) , tuna in olive oil, wholemeal bread, baby carrot, chicken breast. PHWOAR. hahaha healthy healthy me! since i know i’ve gt nothing to do i whipped up my own dinner. super healthy, low in carb, high in protein.

i wana buy headband! ROAR. but i cant seem to find any bigger size than the one i got. urgh. so angry. when i dowan it, i’ve seen so many, now that i want it, i cant find any!