ding dang dong


today i sang my lungs out with alan, cherie and yiming at e CSC ktv. 5 hrs! woots. 6 drinks, chips and a plate of fruit. 12 per pax. cheap right! i know kbox having some student deal which is even better but kbox mike sucks and we cant lower key for songs!

totally something ohmygod-ish. today yiming sajiao to me! hahahahahaah. beneath tt cool exterior is one lil girl trying to break out! hahahaha. ok la no la. just kidding k. nxt time still must help me peel prawns ok. 😀 hahahaaha.

just finish watching VanHelsing on channel5. Hugh Jackman is shuai-ness! LOVESSSSS.

oh yes, e popcorn picture for this entry. i’ve gt this urge right, to rent alot of movies, find a few friends n watched it tgt at a fren’s hse (with aircon pls so my place is out) w lots of nachos n popcorn. very very tempting. anybody want? hehs. 😀 yiming? lin? hahahaha. i can even bring my Spiderman monopoly along and can play as we watch! see, lao niang gt everything planned out. only thing is, no location, no ppl. ): sadness. hahahahaa.

gt this sudden urge to curl beside mr.boyfriend, rest my heavy and big head on his muscular arm and just let his presence and body engulf me. hmm. (: