Bloody sick

for the past few days, im bloody sick. in 20yrs of my life, i’ve nv felt so miserable before. n i’ve nv slpt so much before either.

on thursday, i woke up to a groggy me. my limbs felt like it weigh a ton, i cant move them. and i felt this fever brewwwwwing. i thought to myself, “no big deal, i’ll just pop a panadol!” cos for my previous fever tts wad i did n i recovered!

so a pill i did pop and i drift off to lala land again. woke up shivering. managed to drag myelf to e kitchen to get a cold towel to put on my forehead and my water bottle. n i slept agn.

woke up and i seriously am scared tt its gg to fry my brain. i’ve nv felt this sensation before. im giddy, i’ve gt a headache due to e fever, i’ve gt a runny nose (i use like a toilet roll within the space of  6 hrs) and i just feel like dying. i’ve gt no energy left in me. n i slept again.

woke up in e evening, mum cooked me something light since i din had anything and afterwards, she brought me to c a doc. my mum touched me n she was like, “SO HOT!” my face was red la! literally, like red leh. n i was wheezing cos i got a blocked nose n my mum was super scared i’ll just collapsed or something. on e way there, i keep asking her will i become retarded? cos i was seriously damn worried for my brain.

went there, n i’ve gt a whooping 40deg fever! doc say theres some infection in e holes of my skull cos actually i just went there ard a mth ago for my never-say-die flu. he said theres infection, thus e super runny nose n prolly my fever as well. he prescribed a super strong antibiotics for me (super exp as well) and ask me to go back in 7 days! walao, still must go back leh!

my total bill for e day was 90bucks. 90bucks for my medicine. i think my tt antibiotics is super pricey considering it only gt 7 pills inside. but hey, its gd, cos its nw sunday, my flu’s almost gone n my fever subside already!

oh yes. i nearly fell dwn a flight of stairs can. cos i was so dizzy n i nearly lose my balance. NEARLY. heng. if nt dunoe must spend hw much to c a sinseh.

baby called n ask hw i was, i was being super honest  i told him im very very xingku n i cried over e fone!! hahahaha. its e 1st time i cried over e fact tt im sick. n im nt surprised cos on thurs night, i cant even breathe properly, e breath im breathing out is super hot n i place an ice cube wrap in towel under my nostril to make it feel better.

i pop my pills, n i vomit it out. greaaaat. with my dinner as well! i drag myself back to bed n tried to slp. n… baby came to see me! (:

its just so nice to be able to see him (even though most of e time im sleeping, i only wake up after every half an hr or so cos i felt too uncomfortable, but its just nice knowing tt he’s there). he help to wipe my body to bring dwn e heat cos im still burning, bring me tissue and fed me water. n he just lie beside me n make sure that im ok. awww. baby is loveee~

for e past few days,  my avg sleeping time is ard 15hrs or abv. hahahah. crazy! but i just couldnt wake up. so i sleep n i sleep n i sleep.

my fever’s dwn but im dwn w a hacking cough n a sore throat! my body is seriously w weakest thing i’ve ever ever seen! pif.