trembling trembling

my fingers are trembling as i type this post. heck, my fingers are trembling in everything i do! cause why? cause very miraculously, i fell sick again after tt high fever! rmb e cough i mentioned? whoopee doo. when i went back to e doc (he request me to go back to make sure im ok after e high fever) n he said tt my vocal chords r swollen frm coughing thus i’ve gt a v sexy voice. he prescribed me 5 different medicine with a nasal spray cos my flu is still there.

he said tts due to my sensitive nose, by nature ok. walao. seriously dont understand why am i SO weak! anyway. the trembling part. ytd my fingers were trembling like siao and i got so worried that i will be the first young patient of Parkison’s Disease. i called up e doc and he said tts e side effect of a certain med i ate so he ask me to cut e dosage. i cut e dosage but i’m still trembling! though not as severe as last time.

damn it damn it! kaiwen! cant be sick anymore! must be strong!

oh yes. he said i must sustain frm cold, liang and spicy food for 2 wks. Liang even in vege n fruits! so e stuff tt i can have is only brocolli, cauliflower, caixim and apple. hahahaha. somemore not chilled apple ok. those rm temp one. seriously, i so wana die. n its only the 2nd day! i want to eat chilli la~~~~

ok enough whining. ta.