Long overdue post: Graduation Day

this is a super long overdue post; imagine my Grad Day was on 27th may! i’ve gt gd reasons, cos i dunoe for what reason, my dear com refused to work(all my pics r in there) and for e past few days i’ve been using my sis’s laptop. but today i decide to try my com agn, n VIOLA! its working perfectly fine. i have no idea why, nt tt im complaining though.

Anyway, Grad Day was.. nothing for me actually. Cos i’ve accepted e fact tt im out of Ngee Ann since Feb its just tt nw i finally got my academic transcript and Diploma cert to show to interviewers during job interview. hahaha. but it was nice to see the lecturers and friends! Like Sukuna, Philip Koh, Karuna, Geraldine. I’m gg to miss all e nice ones cos, seriously, i think ECH’s lecturers are so warm and loving. Like they give u hugs, they talk to u like we’re frens, they r so encouraging etc u know?

But Grad Day for me is a tad too chaotic. I didnt get to take much pics except w my clique, like xinyi n xueli! ok gt take w xinyi, but i nv take w xue la. i didnt even get to see her! haha. hw i wish we gt a full class foto or a foto w ALL e lecturers. that’ll be nice. ok, pics!

me taking e award (oh yes! our clique gt an award for our IEP proj! WOOTS.) n diploma frm some woman whom i dont recognise. hahaha.

me and mummy! mummy specially rushed dwn frm work to attend my grad day! ignore my fat face here la pls. i’ve gt tons of baby fats tt just wont disappear. very irritating. anyway, i feel quite bad to mummy n joey cos i was in a foul mood after e grad cos i couldnt find them! then for a while there.. my attitude to them was, bleargh. so sorry! 😦

mummmy v enthu, she bought the 30bucks foto for me cos she insist must have something to rmb my grad day by. -_-”

he’s trying to snatch my Diploma cert away! Baby, wait for ur turn! 2 yrs later! hahahaa.

The Brain left the pinkies to die and fend for ourselves. pif.

very happy us. (:

with our beloveddd PHILIP KOH!!! anyway, Philip is damn funny, i introduced Joey to him and he walked up to him and told him

” I know alot of people over here, so you better treat her (me la) good okay?”

hahahahahaha. very angry i look fat here again. PIF.

i asked baby to take an individual shot of me. i dont care, i want. LOL.

i’ve gt uneven teeth as u can c very clearly here. hahaha.

i dunoe where my mum is looking at la. -_-”

w mummy n baby! baby, why u nv buy flowers or graduation bear for me? i see other boyfriends buying tt for their girlfriends leh! why! hahahaha.

w some of my classmates.

Candid! look at izzy!!! hahahaha.

ok. actually i’ve gt a few more but it look more or less the same to me so i’ll just skip. i realised i could have fotoshop it to make it abit more interesting but im too lazy to do so.

im still waiting for my phone to ring.

and i’ve cleaned up e living rm (my desk, sofa, my com desk) and its sparrrkling clean now. i’m very satisfied with myself. *beamms* maybe later i shall tackle the kitchen and my bedroom!

i wanna watch Kungfu Panda. i wana gym and swim but my parents have an order for me and that is NO EXCERSISING for 2 bloody weeks! what to do, spent 200 on medi liao, must learn how to love and take care of my body lor.

very random hor, the last bit of my post? hahahaha.

IJKZ, iloveyou and imissyou!! TONNNNNNSSSS.

ok, bye.