i know right now my blog is boring as hell.

dang. i also wish to post pics up, but my dear camera is spoiled! shutter is nt functioning properly and it will cost nearly 200bucks to fix it. i think we should just buy a new one. but, right now, im super broke cos im living off on myself and this kind of splurge can wait till i find a job.

oh yes a job. this morning while i was penning in my diary (yes, lao niang still keep a diary. i just enjoy e freedom to write whatever i wish whenever wadever.) i was counting the no. of job offer i’v rejected. 6!! hahaha blimey. but i believe in picking the right one, i dont wish to commit e same mistake i’ve commited 3 mths ago. so i’ve been psychoing myself that its for the better but theres there huge part of me panicking and is desperate for a job. very very conflicted.

i’m a v conflicted person, in case u dont know me well enough. hehs. sometimes i cant stand it myself too, gets on my nerves.

tml IJKZ is gg to jean’s hse for hse warming! woohoo! hehs. n baby is staying over at my hse. well i guess will have some pics then! just tt have to wait till i go his hse to blog or something lidat. oh yes, did i mentioned, my com died on me again? pif. oh ya, my hse router is not working as well. ha. i have shit luck with hi-tech stuff im telling you.

sometimes i will wonder why my frens can go and study for their degree with no worries while my sis n i had to slog and saved up tt amt ourselves. will i think tt its unfair? ofcos i did. but i believed that my God will make things better in other prospects of our lifes. and.. it did. so what i will take it harder than other ppl? I shall treat it as a growing process for myself. Suck it up and live with it.