Jean's housewarming

pardon me for that random ugly pic of mine. jean’s housewarming was.. last friday. we FINALLY met up just before they start sch. her house was enormous. (spell check spell check!) and blimey. she had 5 LCD TV in her hse. one in each rm and 2 in the living room. -_-”  we pooled some money and managed to get them a decent housewarming gift- chosen by zanel. A coffeemaker! (:

me and baby in jean’s bedroom. blur picture.

another one. too dark. n we gave up. hahaha.

we start playing monopoly once we get to her hse. zanel refused to join us despite us calling her many times. why nel, too childish for u izzit? hahaha. B is damn amused by the credit card machine for the NOW&THEN ver. i can see one item being ticked on his wishlist- “To play the NOW&THEN monopoly” hahaha.

b smiling like a lil kid.

oh yes. guys really cant multi task at all. n izzy as well. hahaha. our tempo of e game was quite fast until it reach B n izzy. zzz can sleep can. izzy cant rmb when its her turn. B cant do 3 things at e same time (throw dice, walk, take card). Is that really that difficult? hahaha.

some random plushie in jean’s rm. cute ah?

we then proceed on with dinner. jean’s mum whipped up some real gd dishes n e food was finished within seconds (ok la, i exaggerated on e seconds part) too bad dis time i didnt take any pics cos im lazy to go back to e rm n take my camera. hahaha.

after dinner. hahahaha. LOOK AT MARK’S STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!!! hmm. i think baby is holding back, RIGHT?! ur sucking in some right!! hahahaha. 😛

then, i gt bored w monopoly (cos i din buy any land so i just walk pay ppl money walk n pay agn. v boring la) and i begin to meddle w jean’s stuff. kind me decided to tidy up her lil bakery store. hehs.

messed up!

looks gd enough to be eaten!

n i got it tidied up within mins! heehee.

they gt bored (actually cos e fondue is ready, i think hehs) and ended e game. see, so messy.

i think izzy was saying something to e line of heng shes not e last or something. dang. look at her. -_- wahaha.


unglam shot!! i was rubbing my nose reallll hard cos its super itchy. u can actually c tt my nose is abit red. haha.

look at jean’s leg. hahahahaha.

nel is missing here cos she’s outside watch tv w her ambert! think all e grp shots r in jas’s cam. n she haven upload yet.

if u look carefully im actually holding a telephone (frm jean’s doll house). cuteness. ha.

very very focused on e game.

still focusing. jas, if only he’s tt focused on his studies hor? lol

missy & frank~ lublub!

i dunoe wad e hell she’s doing. hahahaha.

ok so after monopoly right, we decided to play cluedo (much to my delight!) and ITS SUPER FUN i tell u. mind game mind game! was explaining to baby and he din quite get it at first, but after tt he’s able to play on his own! hehs. he’s so tempted to buy a set home im telling u! some snippets of our conversation to let u know who are e blur ones.

me to jean: “shit. now u will know what i know!”

jean to me: “ha! now i know what you know!”

baby & izzy: “i know that i dunoe what u both know!”

-_-” haahahaha.