Great Meatballsss.

Baby being weird, as usual. Anyway, i called him a lil slimy asshole today (for some boliao reason, ofcos, for e fun of it) and he called me a lil slimy asshole-tress. smart ah tt boy. LOL.

We ventured into IKEA todayyy and he will goes off saying,

“Next time our kitchen we should use..”

“That (bed) is nice!”

while I, mindless ditsy bimbotic me, will go “oooohh” and “ahhhh” over pink themed showcases. hahaha. i LOVE their showcases! it just look damn fantastic you know! IKEA stuff isnt expensive as well. I seriously think that will be one of my fav. places to shop after I’ve gt family of my own. HEHS.

tts a huge kitchen, isnt it? I was asking him to decorate a bloody nice kitchen for me to cook meals in, he just turned and looked at me, “Like you’ll cook lidat.” -_- ya la ya la. I know up till now my future prospects in a kitchen not so promising, but hey! You nv know what will happen ok!

especially love this dining area showcase. its cosy with dim lighting. ah! love it, love it all!

you cant really see it, but e wall is pink. n i know e pics r kinda blur, cos lao niang didnt on the flashlight! wahahaha.

i found a teddy in a bed! aww sweets.

Yikes! SPIDERSSSS. haha. unnatural pose la baby.

i was waiting for baby to return with our food!

baby w his poached salmon. NICE. (:

my meatballs. (ok, some were in our stomach already.) hehs. n no, i didnt finished it all up by myself. are u crazy? LOL. i was full after my like, 7th or 8th one. when i first take a look at my plate i was thinking, “wadda hell is e jam doing there! how can cooked food go with jam! EWW. jam is supposed to be spread on e breaddd!” but i went ahead and coat my meatball w jam n DAMN. its bloody nice ok! I’ve nv ever in my life loved such a weird combination so much. its really good. and im not even a huge fan of jam!

and e pic says it all. (: