You just warms me in the most special way


My MSN nick is, “Love is being patient and encouraging when your partner is shitting”.

I put that up because I really felt that today. LOL. today, me and baby rot almost e day away in my house, playing Patapon, SIMS and watching hell’s kitchen. somewhere in the evening, I finally dragged my sorry ass to the bathrm and start to get ready. We thought we can at least spent e rest of e day at least, in a different environment. haha. but holly nelly. After dinner, I start getting this rhythmic excruciating pain in my tummy. I knew a huge diarrhoea is brewing right there and then and its up to me to HOLD IT ppl! hahahaha.

So frm bukit badok, I managed to keep it in till I reached JE regional library. In tt short 45mins we’re there, I went to the ladies thrice and my legs were like jelly and the thing that amaze me is, after 3 times, theres still something in there. Walked to JE centre, went to e ladies, n was stuck in there for quite long. I had my hp with me so i smsed joey and apologised for making him wait and wait for e past hr (cos I was actually feeling bad which I dunnoe y cos I cant ctrl it what!) and he sms-ed me,

“Its ok.. slowly. take ur time. (:”

hahahaha. and im smiling in my heart despite the smelly toilet. i think mainly cos coming from my shit. my boyfriend is just damn cute! such an encouraging partner when im shitting. hahahahaha. so sorry to keep you waiting for almost the entire date. and i love you!

to my horror, i realised i just blog a post on my shit. hahaha.

oh ya. we were back at hm, in e living rm, when i just turned and looked at my baby and asked,

“Why do some ppl open their eyes while making out?”

and we tried doing that, and i totally freaked out. hahaha. ITS DAMN SCARY WHEN THERES A PAIR OF EYES STARING AT YOU! hahahaha. see, its rude to stare!