So, abt a wk ago, my mum bought like 10 durians (yea, siao right) home and e whole family starts devouring them like nobody business. watch show, eat durian. sit dwn talk, eat durian. nth to do, eat durian. haha. and i invited yiming over to eat durian cos like me, yiming is a avid durian lover. we asked alan along as well cos we r targetting his tai yang bing from taiwan. heeheehee. (: anyway, it happened long time ago, like mon. ya i know, quite an overdue post. but nt as overdue-ed as jasmine’s can.

(in e end, i had it for my bfast. wahaha)

v bastard one la yiming. invite him over still make me wait so long. initially he said he will come over by 10pm. turns out he 11half then reach ok! e reason being, he scared tu dio my parents. shy ah he. hahaha. n once he arrived, i spread e newspaper n erm, kindly asked him to open e durian. hahaha.

he is talented man. he can open it with just a few suggestions by me (i saw hw my dad opened it and i just tell him to do e exact way) n he can opened it leh! e durian gt no slits at the bottom somemore can. i think you can be a durian seller nxt time. then i can kio durians frm u. wahaha. 😀

still help me arrange durian to take pic. hahahaa.

e durian he opened, spreads out like a flower in bloom can! shamed e other 2 artificial flowers i drew in. hahaha. for those who know hw to appreciate durian, can you c not. its ANG BA can! ANG BA!

he conquered one, so i asked him to conquer another. damn. this is a toughie. he tried pressing e durian open till i can c him trembling. hahaha. i was watching him trembling while eating my durian. he wasnt too pleased abt it. haahhahaha. as you can c frm e pic,he is using another method to crack open it. KNIFE.

he tried another position n i was damn worried he will nv enjoy father’s day as 1 wrong hack will… hahahaha.

ym’s pile of durian seeds. he ate 17 can. holy cow. i can nv go on for so long. even though i really love it, but 7-10 is my max. n i had 7 for tt night. oh ya, tts alan legs. we ocstrasized him cos he dont eat durian. NO LA. he ownself loner read comic bk on his own can. wads so gd abt comics la?

alan throwing me a milk candy he bought frm TW. as u can see, he’s nt really sincere in giving it cos he is throwing it to me. hahahahaha. NO LA. kidding.

n we had monopoly! hahaha. watching yiming play is v amusing cos he’s nt familiar w e game and we had to explain alot of stuff to him. (sometimes I get a lil too amused. LOL) n he’s nt v familiar w his subtraction n addition as well. i supposed he had too much durians, its clogging his brain.

anyway, alan is e overall winner. he had HOTELS like everywhere. bloody hell. me and yiming declared ourselves as bankrupt so we can end e game and we can slp. LOL.