Christian the lion

This video is abt a reunion of a lion w his owners in Kenya ard 30+yrs ago. His owners (2 australians who went over to London after they graduate from their Uni) bought him in a departmental store in London ; Harrod’s and kept him as a pet until he was too big. Yea, 40yrs ago, you can just walk into a departmental store in London, and buy a lion cub. amazing.

An excerpt frm MSN news:

“Rendall and Bourke named the lion “Christian,” and the beast soon became a celebrity. Rendall said they took a “horse whisperer” approach to raising the animal, never restraining it and never using physical force of any kind. Instead, they indicated with their tone of voice what was appropriate and what wasn’t.

“He could tell by the tone of our voice,” Rendall explained. “He knew that we knew we wanted him to calm down, not now, let’s go, that sort of thing. We were very fortunate that we got it right. We ended up with a wonderful animal. He never bit anybody.” “

the video is so touching. its such a short video, yet my heart is warmed and the next thing i know, tears were welling up in my eyes. absolutely touching stuff la, this one. what amazing is the way e cub is being raised, he know what are e things to do/shdnt do just by listening to his owners voice. I must say they did a real good job in raising him up. I bet some of e parents cant even do such a gd job.