i’m back i’m back! i’ve been quite busy this wk. like i just went for K with alan, yiming, sher n joo! (: will post tt entry w pics another time! now i shall post up all my chap-ba-lang pics!


Action heroes in a box.

So. A few wks ago, baby told me he had a surprise for me and he’s been telling me hw cute etc it is after he finish doing it. Then one fine day, he passed me a box (and somemore, the box v ugly can) and say tts my surprise. I took it, shook it, and to my utmost horror, it weighs nth! i tell him to stop playing and give me my real surprise. He said that is my surprise! I opened it and to my surprise, i found these cute 4 lil guys staring back at me!

walao. you tell me, cute anot!

he made my fav, HELLBOY characters! heehee. but i couldnt rmb e names of e other 2 char. i rmb tt fish guy by fish stick. hahha. wads his real name ah? n HB’s gf as well. enlightenment pls!

n IRONMAN! heehee. my fav as well! (yiming, jealous nt. ironman leh. hehs)

those who r interested, go to www.cubeecraft.com to dl the pics and print it out on thick A4 size paper. then cut it out with e slits n such and voila, you will have one too! (there r other char available as well) but not recommended for impatient ppl. so glad baby did it for me if nt i will most prolly crush e paper n throw it away. haha.



I really like Mr.Bean. Pearly soya milk and e soya ice cream is my absolute fav! (: nt to mention their mascot is uber cute as well. hehs.


Ultra cuteness

u tell me, CUTE ANOT! sibeh cute right! just look at her thighs! hahaha. she’s Yixuan, 9mths old, n weigh 10+kg. she’s my fren’s baby cousin. SO CUTE LA!

oh yea. e dora explorer is her “baby”. You cant take it away frm her, she will snatch it back frm u! but if you just grab anything like a small pillow or something n you “sayang” it, she will sayang her “baby” as well! heehee. baby learn through imitations!

still can wink somemore. hahaha

carrying her is the best exercise. cos she likes to be thrown high up in e sky or to be twirled ard (at a v fast speed ok, slow slow she dont like one!) so i always perspire alot whenever i carry her! pics r fuzzy cos, what u expect, BABY LEH! walao, think she will sit dwn let u take pic? lol

i’m fair, i’m fat and i’m cute!

heehee. quite a decent pic of me n her! (:

ps: look at her arms!


Rare meet-up

weird combi hor? haha. we met up for swimming cos i asked joo whether she swims, but shes gg with sher so instead, i joined them for their weekly swim! ignore my fat arms pls.

its been ages since i last swim. abit tiring, but, i’m gg to perserve on! (:



baby called me that. cos i drank 2 glasses of voda+cranberry+promegrante at his hse ytd. then i was abit “mang” afterwards. I cant hold my liquor well. but im not drunk, im just intoxicated. hehs. like, light-headedness, flushed face, weak knees. LOL. jialat right.

yummylicious. I WANT SOMEMORE! heehee, nw i know theres another bottle of vodka at his hse, i think i’ll be dropping by to his hse VERY VERY often! wahaha.



went for an Xray 2 wks ago for my tailbone. (die lor, i’ve yet to collect e report. haha dunoe they throw away already not!) took it when i was in e changing rm. e robes r huge! pif. i took mine at Polyclinic. only 20+ plus consultation of doc. i love Polyclinics! n i better make an appointment soon to collect it, tsk!