CSC club house


well well. when we arrived there, e system sort of gt a lil problem n e 3 of them were busy trying to figure out e problem. while me gave up, sat on e sofa n take pics. hahah. as usual, yiming was late. but not bad, only for ard 10mins i think!

peeps of the day:

Just when CSC is cheap enough. E deals just gt better. Their chips has been increased frm 1 bowl to 5 bowls! WOO-LA-LA! (: superduper cheap. n we had wireless mikes. heh heh. im still itching for another K session!

see the girl in e tv? guess wad MV is tt. Clue: Jay Chou’s.

guys start singing first and me n joo start cam-whoring. Joo is super on, whatever we think of, we deliever! I LIKE~! (:

normal us.

paiseh for that dark pic in e corner. heehee. no flash mah, tts y. 😀

NPCC senior junior.

i dont know what sher is doing. LOL

we took a picture which reflects e opp of reality. the shortest became e tallest. *erhem* and e tallest became e shortest! (:

yes shermain, dont doubt it. im taking a picture! haha.

oh yes. shermain is v funny. whenever her songs came up, she will just keep quiet until we all finish asking whose song is it den she will raise her hand/take mike. cute ah. LOL.

they r damn gay. they have e same pose without telling each other. go to sher’s blog for more gayness. she caught a super gay pic. hahaha.

YO brrruuuuuder. HIA DI. lovelove.

actually v surprised tt he’s willing to take pictures on tt day! considering hw yiming is so resistent to taking pics (nt tt im complaining tt hes taking!). hahaha. i think this is e 1st pic i had with him. when ppl ask me who my gd fren is, i finally gt pic to show! LOL.

if u sing too much alan kuo’s songs, u will be e same as him. hahaha.

just a tiny reminder to you guys that i’ve gt freaky toes! 😀