080808 IJKZ outing

our dear Mdm Monday n Frank the butler. 

Our long awaited outing! (: finally we get to meet up n update each other with our lives and stuff lidat. it was fun n ofcos, filled with laughter, as usual. hahaha. n as usual, izzy is v irritating. wahaha. v lazy to talk, will let my pics do e job!


hehs. lao niang cam whored abit while on my way there.

abit nia la..

3 only mah. 😀

And.. people of the day were~

Jeanette so kelian. 😦 can see she is REALLY REALLY terrified of izzybella. LOL

liew. ambert’s head really damn small can.

Unflattering angle. SO SORRY!! i dont have any more couple pics le so bobian have to use this!

me and baby. haiyoh, he getting fairer n fairer. -_-

Suicidal Butler. because of our poor welfare for him. hahaha.

EWWW. egg in tea. EWWWWW.

baby’s drink. to me it taste like bubbletea with alot of canned fruits thrown in. nth special.

this is my MISSY coin i drawn to izzy on e day we hand in our last NGEE ANN project. awww. she’s been keeping it in her wallet! hahaha. i think a few more mths ltr it gg to be damn cui. shd laminate it! hahahha.

n tt hand belongs to mark. pif.

hehs but we still took another one nevertheless! 🙂

n we moved over to coffeebean to lim kopi n continue on with our talk. izzy is OBSESSED with their whip cream. OOH LALA.

turns out blurry but nice still!

nel’s dreamhse furnitures. hahaha.

anyhw snap, also cfm gt izzy’s unglam pics one. 🙂

tts our izzy for u! she can pose with a random plant in coffeebean. hahaha. i din ask her ok, she did it herself hor!

afterwards, zanel left to go hm n study for her exams! so e rest of us left as well, but nt hm, but to e rooftop for more pics taking!

baby and me (:

if its only abit more deserted it will actually be a v nice place for couples to just sit dwn, enjoy e breeze (if there’s one) n just enjoy each other’s presence.

mark was actually behind jasmine. they were doing some kinda exercise i think. LOL

unglam picture! PIF. n im wearing shorts inside la!

Jeanette tay puay suan! hehheh.


(click for bigger pics)

hahaha couldnt stop laughing when i saw dis pic. LOOK AT JOEY! HE’S STARING AT JAS/MARK. hahahaha. wad da hell. LOL.

n he’s checking out on izzy now cos shes trying to do a jump shot behind but to no avail. LOL. so funny la, our grp shots only had ard 1 decent pic of her. LOL. cos she too busily jumping behind!

i so totally love my new f21 halter bead top! ok la, SUPPOSEDLY top ok but it turns out to be so huge (mind u, i order XS leh) i can wear it as a dress. but my mum insist it was too sheer and flimsy so i had to wear a shorts inside. hehs.

look at mark n jas! LOL. especially jas’s legs. remind me of WIGGLEY WOO~ WIGGLEY WOO!

she FELL dwn after she took this shot can! dunoe why she fell lor. JUMP TOO HIGH HUH? BE MORE CAREFUL NXT TIME LA! -_-“

Ciao~ (; tts all folks!