Lerk Thai


hahahaha. my boyfriend couldnt resist taking weird/ugly/unglam pictures of me! sigh, hw lucky am i to have him taking such  candid shots of me!

B was asking me, “Is it really nice?”

And i’m like, “Well, my sis highly recommend it to me~”

*pause, and look at me, still looking dubious*

“Ok fine, if not nice, you come my hse n we hit her tgt ok?”

“Ok” *grins*

HAHAHAHAHAHA. 😀 cheche, don mind don mind!

Oh yes, you see the lil basket w crackers? e crackers r really nice. n its super exp as well! Initially i thought its on e hse or something, turns out, it costs us bloody 1dollar! its so exp! only a few pieces you know! i bet their profit is like 200% or something.

ordered our food n waiting for them to arrive, me playing w his phone. haiyoh, i see my face also sian. SO MANY PIMPLESSSS! 😦

N baby bought badges! hee the Wolverine is for me! n tt.. insect looking guy is his. AIYOH. i forget who is he again!

N i pinned it on my shirt. heehee. oh yes, this bf shirt is frm GAP but i only bought it for 20+. SUPER CHEAP RIGHT. cos out of season already mah, alot in FOS. heh heh.

B really gt a v high forehead right? Like Luo han yu. hahahaha.

Mine! I love e tom yum cos its really sourish. woo lala~

B’s. wah, this is really nice. the beehoon gt this real fragrant smell n taste to it, wonder what e chef add eh?

And we ordered 2 ala carte as well, all frm my sis’s recommendations!

KANGKONG!! my ever fav greens. hehs.

this is PHWOAR nice. (: e skin is crispy while e fillet inside is smooth and its fresh too! not to mention, w e sauce, its a 2 thumbs up dish! Sweet, sour and tangy.

Our total bill for e day was ard 36bucks after a 10% student disc. Overall, I will rate it 4/5 stars. Their serving could be bigger or it could be cheaper. So for big eaters, (look at jas n izzy) i think you will either A) spent a bomb there or B) walk off feeling hungry. hahahaha.

Afterwards B initially wanna bring me to go n have chi dessert but the shop was packed man! n e Queue was so long so we gave up on tt idea. Popped into 7-11 and i bought my cheap n nice ice cream; Solero ice cream! you know e lime one w vanilla ice cream inside? I loveee tt. hehs.

Walking in front w his ice cream, totally not caring whether his small size gf will get lost/pushed ard/whatever. total loving action from my bf. LOL. NO LA JUST KIDDING. e walkway is too squeezy for both of us! Anyway, baby is a real sweetheart! whenever we were on busy streets, he will make sure he hold my hand very tightly so i wont get lost or get bumped ard by other ppl. He pulled open e door for me and always let me walk on e inside of e road! (:

Us w our ice creams. ok u cant see me, bad aiming on my part!

hahaha, his head look very big here. which is rare ok! cos he gt a real puny head! (compared to mine, but all heads compared to mine will be puny cos i got a big head!)

You see the middle one, e pregnant lady? LOL. We were on our way to his hse n he was feeling tired especially after a meal. He was telling me,

“They shd give me e seats! See, e middle one, is me what! Stomach so big!”

-_- hahahaha yea righhhttt.

Piggy-back! i always asked for it when its late at night, n we r walking frm his hse to e multi storey carpark! heehee. he dont like to piggyback me cos he will sweat like a pig (im not tt heavy ok, is he tend to sweat alot!) but he always give in to me la, heh.

A kiss to reward you! MWAKS!